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AltSignals: A Signal Service Unlocking the Power of AI-Based Trading

Do you love trading or are you successful in engaging in this skillful activity? Chances are, you’ve spent a lot of time mastering this skill. But think about the influence that a platform that allows you to become a successful trader can have on your trading journey. AltSignals has been generating trading signals since its inception in 2017, with average accuracy rates of 64%. The platform is in full expansion and will integrate AI to increase signal quality. Since the launch of a presale of the $ASI token, which will power the AI ​​platform, investors bought over $1.171 million in tokens.

Understanding AltSignals and its AI trading service

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AltSignals is a UK-based trading signals service that generates quality trading signals in the forex, crypto and stock markets. It uses a proven AltAlgo™ indicator to generate quality signals that have seen membership grow to over 52,000 traders on Telegram. AltSignals generated over 3,782 signals, generating an incredible $2.2 million in trading revenue.

Due to its success, experienced and professional traders at AltSignals want to leverage AI. This is a new field that is becoming popular in the trading world. AI assists in predictive analytics by quickly bringing together data from different sources to allow traders to generate quality signals.

AltSignal’s AI trading service will be powered by blockchain, with the company launching a new platform called ActualizeAI. You must become a member of ActualizeAI to enjoy its benefits, including trading signals. Investors will buy $ASI and join the AI ​​bandwagon in trading.

What are the benefits of investing in ActualizeAI?

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Investing in ActualizeAI is taking a position in $ASI. The token has great potential to explode in value as it powers an already successful trading signal service. With blockchain, AltSignals will be available to more investors. This means that the value of $ASI could increase, generating returns for its holders.

Beyond speculation, $ASI offers value through trading signals. It’s like leaning on the soldiers of a giant, where investors receive signals from a qualified AltSignals team to increase their trading returns. There are also trading tournaments and competitions where members learn, hone their skills, and are rewarded with $ASI.

AltSignals also wants its platform to be user driven. Investors will use their tokens to vote on governance and dictate the direction of the platform. Going forward, investors will have access to future AI-powered products and exclusive pre-sales.

Is AltSignals a good long-term investment

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Very few projects make a cut when considering long-term investment options. One of the criteria for determining whether an asset is worth holding for the long term is the earning potential and the ability to generate value year after year.

Looking at AltSignals, the project has provided value for half a decade. Moreover, the world of trading is improving day by day, with more instruments being added. This means that AltSignals can only improve to deliver long-term value.

For the two reasons above, AltSignals might be suitable for a long-term investment. The power of value service, blockchain and AI application will allow AltSignals to grow.

How attractive is $ASI now?

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Newly launched tokens have great potential, with prices increasing up to 10x within months of launch. $ASI falls into this category because its value is still untapped.

The attractiveness of $ASI is also underlined by its low valuation. The token is still on presale and the price is very low. Crypto prices tend to skyrocket when assets are listed on exchanges. Thus, $ASI could be attractive to investors looking to accumulate it before the value rises on the list.


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