This Woman Hired A New Dog Sitter, And While She Was Away, She Kept Getting Notifications That The Sitter Was Doing A Ridiculous Amount Of Laundry

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The two subjects that make up today’s Reddit debate are laundry and pet sitting.
Our original poster (OP), user u/Krirhu, described their experience in the section of Reddit dedicated to dog loving conversations. “I bought a house just far enough away resorts that previous pet-sitting options wouldn’t work, so I found a well-reviewed sitter on Rover hired online who I met with and really liked then hired in plant insurance ,” the user said. We never talked about my washer and dryer, which are in my garage, in the Word document I left for her or during the tour of my home.

So I doubt this woman within even noticed them. She also never inquired about washing laundry service at my house.
In addition, as if it weren’t clear enough, the OP’s new pet sitter began making heavy use of the complimentary washing and dryer. “I understand that having to pay for coin laundry stinks, and in all honesty, I wouldn’t mind if she had done a few loads and discussed it with me. She has done nine loads of laundry in three days, virtually all on the “bedding” option, which uses a lot of water and heat, but I know this because I have brand-new Wi-Fi connected machines that I set up to ping my phone when a cycle is finished.

“It annoys me that she brought so much with her and never once discussed it with me. This feels like a really absurd quantity of dirty laundry. The fact that this is a 70-year-old house and I had to hire plumbers to perform a number of upgrades to get everything working makes me really uncomfortable. Without me there, the entire system is now under a great deal of stress.

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