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Elon Musk’s xAI logo sparks massive design debate

Tesla, SpaceX and Twitter owner Elon Musk blew hot and cold on AI. He was an early investor in OpenAI, maker of DALL-E 2 and Chat GPT, but later pulled out. More recently, he was saying that AI was dangerous. Now he’s started his own artificial intelligence company, xAI, to save us.

The new company already has a logo, and there’s quite a bit of debate about it. While some admire the simplicity with which it portrays the xAI name in just three strokes in a row, others think it’s shoddy work and as hard to read as Musk’s stance on AI technology. (see our choice of best AI art generators to explore current AI tools for image creation).

The logo of Elon Musk’s latest company, xAI…or is it X1? (Image credit: xAI)

At first glance, Musk’s new logo can be easily misinterpreted if you don’t already know the company name, resembling both X1 and xAI. The logo has its fans, who have praised the effective use of lines to write the company name. Some even see it as the third in a trilogy of classic Musk “logos that tell a story,” up there with the SpaceX logo and the Tesla logo, which is absolutely not an IUD.


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