“I’m Sorry To Tell You This…”: This Former Hotel Manager Is Revealing The Things You Should (And Shouldn’t) Do After Checking Into Your Room

It may seem so luxury to check into a hotel room, and it’s always a joy to have your own little home away from home whether you’re travelling to a well-known location or discovering a new region of the globe. However, hotels can contain secrets, as former hotel manager Melissa Hanks is all too familiar with.

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If you’re planning a trip, Melissa (@melly_creations) recently shared some advice on her TikTok about what to do (and not do) when you check into a hotel room.
The first thing I do is verify that these vents are clean, she says in one video as she lists the three things she usually does upon checking into a hotel room.

After that, she continues, “I always check the bed for bed bugs.”

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