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Pokémon Go Spotlight Hour Event Features Shiny Rhyhorn – Everything You Need To Know

by Niantic Pokemon Go is still very much alive and if you’re a hardcore gamer or want to get back into mobile gaming, tonight will be the perfect time to play. Every Tuesday, Pokemon Go hosts what it calls a Spotlight Hour, which increases the spawn rate of a specific Pokémon. It allows players to get double candy, double XP, and a better chance of catching the designated Pokemon. This week’s Spotlight Pokémon is Rhyhorn and will appear more frequently from 6-6:59 p.m. local time.

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Rhyhorn is not considered the strongest fighter for PVP in Pokemon Go, however, its Rhyperior evolution is a great resource for winning raids. The rock wrecker is said to be its best moves, and some Pokemon fans recommend using the Elite Charged TM to teach the move. Despite some not having faith in this particular Pokemon, this event is a great way to build player experience and catch more Rhyhorn in a row.

How to Find a Shiny Rhyhorn in Pokemon Go, What It Looks Like, and What Comes Next

Pokémon Go's flagship creature this week is Rhyhorn, which means statistical chances of catching a Shiny Climb.
Pokémon Go’s flagship creature this week is Rhyhorn, which means the statistical chance of catching a shiny is up.

If you are mainly interested in playing Pokemon Go tonight for a chance to catch a shiny Rhyhorn, you should know the odds before you play. According to data collected by players in the Pokémon community, shine rates are not increased, simply because it is a Spotlight hour. Despite this fact, players tend to find more shiny Pokémon during these hours, simply because of the increased amount available. One of the ways players have improved their chances of catching shiny Pokemon during this hour is by setting lures. This could potentially attract a few more Rhyhorn than normal and further increase the statistical probability.

Rhyhorn’s standard color in Pokemon Go is gray, however, the shiny version has bronze orange armor. When Rhyhorn evolves into Rhydon, he will turn a greenish-yellow color, and when he turns into Rhyperior, he will be both yellow and green. Even if you’re not sure if the Pokémon is shiny, the game will tell you when you cast a catch saying it’s shiny. It will also have a shard that will appear above the Pokemon you chose to catch.

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Pokémon Spotlight Hour isn’t going away anytime soon, and interested players should keep an eye out for schedule information released by Niantic. Next week, July 25, the featured Pokémon will be Yungoos. It will be a Tuesday again and the increase deadline Pokemon Go the activity will be the same. When playing a Spotlight Hour, always consider using a Lucky Egg to increase your XP, and transfer any useless Pokemon for a Double Candy, if available. Good luck and happy catching Pokémon!

What do you think of Pokémon Go Spotlight Hour? Is this a good way to bring players into the mobile game with fun ways to catch shiny Pokemon? Leave a comment and let us know what you think of the current status of POkemon Go.

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