Destiny 2’s Sixth Subclass May Have Leaked Similar To Strand

From suspicious employees to NDA-violating streamers, Destiny 2 has seen plenty of major leaks over the years. But while long Pastebin lists have varying degrees of precision, when is something on video? Well, that’s a little more convincing.

Tuesday, u/Nimbus9002 on the Destiny 2 leaks subreddit posted a video their “friend sent them” showing new super icon and new subclass color in VFX video. You may remember this is Exactly how Strand first leaked, showing off a new super icon and its green color, in the same type of video. But while this had an Artstation source attached, I still can’t find the source for it. Nowadays, we certainly cannot rule out a fake, but we will still analyze what we have.

Like the Strand leak, there are really only two things to analyze. The first is color. While most of the icons are blank during their flashing spawn and you’ll miss it, you can see that the second melee charge is red. Players guessed that the game’s sixth subclass would be red primarily because, uh, well, almost every other major color is taken at this point. Two shades of blue, orange, purple and green. So the options were probably red or yellow, and which looks “darker” to you?

There have been a number of theories as to what a “red” subclass might be. The main ones are 1) SIVA, 2) Nightmare Energy, 3) Resonance. SIVA seems extremely unlikely at this point, but Resonance, the little spiraling energy attacks we see in Pyramids and from Rhulk and Lightfall Calus, seem the most likely. However, I’m old enough to remember that everyone swore we were getting either a ‘poison’ subclass or a ‘soulfire’ subclass for green and Bungie came back with… pulling green strings out of the fabric of the universe, and swinging on them. Which was really great! So, I don’t know if the predictions here will come to fruition.

The second thing to note here is the super icon, which you can see enlarged below. Grenade, melee, and class ability icons are all existing.

Well, that’s very… prickly? That’s about all we can say. If it’s a Warlock, it looks like something you could stick in the ground for an AOE attack, similar to Well but possibly damaging. However, we… can’t trust the super icon. When Strand leaked, there was also a new super icon that no one had ever seen before. But it wasn’t even close to a final super icon, and it didn’t really give any clues as to the nature of Strand itself. It was probably just a placeholder concept, and that might be what’s going on here.

I think the biggest news is that The Final Shape will actually have a sixth subclass. This was far from a guarantee, as only two sets have had entirely new subclasses so far, and that’s two in a row. You can take this as proof of the theory that Strand was supposed to arrive with Witch Queen, instead of being kicked out to Lightfall, and maybe “Red” has been in the works for a long, long time, not just the last year.

Again, I can’t vouch for the validity of this (yet), but it’s essentially identical to the leaked Strand, which at least got the color right. Oh and also three melee charges for the Titans. We’ll know more in August at the showcase, I imagine.

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