How to get Vanellope in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Vanellope von Schweetz broke into your house Disney Valley of Dreams! The popular character from Wreck-It Ralph is currently stuck in Dream Castle and needs your help to regain control of his glitch.

Like other characters in Disney Valley of Dreams, you will need to complete a quest before you can properly welcome Vanellope into your magical home. Luckily, this quest is pretty straightforward and gives you a quick tutorial of a brand new feature added in the DreamSnaps update.

Without further ado, we’re here to show you how to get vanellope in disney dreamlight valley.

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How to get Vanellope in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To get Vanellope in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you need to make sure your version is updated to the latest version which is the DreamSnaps update. If you don’t have this update, you won’t be able to get Vanellope.

When you’ve updated your version of Disney Dreamlight Valley, load into your valley and you should see that a new quest has been automatically tracked in the upper left corner of your screen. The quest should be “The Haunting of Dreamlight Valley”.

If this quest was not automatically tracked for you, head to your quests menu and it should be unlocked in your quest list next to a picture of Scrooge McDuck.

disney dreamlight valley character talking to scrooge mcduck from the haunted castle
Image credit: Eurogamer/Gameloft

Go talk to Scrooge McDuck, who’s usually always in his shop during the day, and he’ll tell you he saw a ghost in Dream Castle!

After talking to Scrooge, head to Dream Castle and climb the stairs to the top where the fountain is. Right next to the fountain, you’ll find Vanellope, but she’s not quite ready to join your valley yet.

Disney dreamlight valley character talking to vanellope in a dream castle
Image credit: Eurogamer/Gameloft

Talk to Vanellope and you’ll learn that she randomly snuck into the valley and lost control of said glitch. She wants you to take a photo and upload it to the network she is on to test the network. This is basically going to walk you through the basics of DreamSnaps.

Once you finish talking with Vanellope, the Faith, Trust, and Pixel Dust quest will begin. You must complete this quest for Vanellope to join your valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s The Remembering update is here! THE fairy godmother is now in the valley and you can continue the story through the forgotten memories quest. You can also have now multiplayer houses And customize furniture. If you’re still catching up with the story thread, be sure to complete The Great Blizzard quest to unlock Olafin addition to bringing both Simba And Nala to the valley. For more help, see our recipe list, how to improve your home, change the color of your house, favorite foods of critters And redemption codes. Finally, don’t forget to visit our list of future and current characters to see who might visit the valley next!

How to complete the Faith, Trust and Pixel Dust quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To complete the Faith, Trust, and Pixel Dust quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you must use the new DreamSnaps feature and take a photo that meets the DreamSnap challenge tag requirements. We know it sounds a bit confusing, but don’t worry, we’ve broken it down for you.

DreamSnap challenges can include clothing, but to complete the Faith, Trust and Pixel Dust quest, you must place furniture that matches the requirements.

How to Find DreamSnaps Challenge Requirements

For DreamSnaps challenge requirements, head to your events menu. Once here, highlight the “Current Challenge” tab under the “DreamSnaps” heading.

This will show you the currently active DreamSnaps challenge, and for Faith, Trust, and Pixel Dust, the DreamSnap challenge requirements are:

You can also check the requirements for DreamSnaps in photo mode (an option to view DreamSnap will appear above the “Share” option on the left of the screen when you take a photo), but we found it easier to check the events page to make sure you’re trying to place the right items.

disney dreamlight valley dream snaps challenge requirement vanellope
Image credit: Eurogamer/Gameloft

Now, the things listed here correspond to the “traits” that each piece of furniture has. You need to take a photo that includes both of these traits.

The easiest way to make sure your photo meets DreamSnaps requirements is to filter your options when you’re in the furniture menu.

How to filter your furniture

To screen your furniture to match DreamSnaps requirements, follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter your furniture menu.
  2. Select all’.
  3. At the top of the list, you should see a control prompt next to “Filter”.
  4. Use the prompt command to display the Filter menu.
  5. Here, scroll down until you come to the “Features” section.
  6. Select the characteristics you want (you can select more than one).
  7. Once you’ve done that, hit return and you’ll only see items that match all of the chosen traits.

disney dreams valley of light furniture features menu
Image credit: Eurogamer/Gameloft

How to take the DreamSnaps photo

Once you have placed or worn the desired pieces that match the requirements of DreamSnaps, it’s time to take a picture of them.

Stand somewhere where you can see all the items/parts you want, then open your camera. We recommend adjusting the style of the image before capturing it to make sure everything is visible before taking a photo.

disney dreamlight valley character photo in their house sofa mickey
We really need to buy new furniture… | Image credit: Eurogamer/Gameloft

How to submit your DreamSnaps photo

Once you are happy with how the image is framed, use your guest control to capture the image. When you do this and see the image you took, you should see a “DreamSnaps” button on the left side of your screen above the “Share” option.

Enable it using the command prompted here and you will see a small square appear in the upper left corner of your screen. Here you will be able to see if you have met the DreamSnaps challenge requirements. If you haven’t, you won’t be able to submit the image.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Missed Dreamsnaps Requirements Example
Here, we met the “Playful” requirement but not the “Familiar” one, so we can’t submit it. | Image credit: Eurogamer/Gameloft.

If you’ve met all the requirements, you should see a “Submit” prompt at the bottom of the list of requirements. Use the guest check if you are happy with the image to submit it.

disney dreamlight valley dreamnaps requirements met example
We met both requirements with this image, so we were able to submit it. | Image credit: Eurogamer/Gameloft.

For this you will be rewarded x50 Pixel Dust.

Place Vanellope’s house

Once you’ve submitted the image, return to Vanellope in Dream Castle and she’ll reveal that the pixel dust helps her stay strong and that she’s slipped between different Dreamlight Valleys, but she likes yours, so she’ll stay!

character from disney's valley of light dreams talking to a non glitch vanellope near a fountain in a dream castle
Image credit: Eurogamer/Gameloft

All you need to do now is place Vanellope’s house in the valley to act as a beacon for her. Find where you want the house to go, open your furniture menu and you should find its house under the “Requests” tab.

Once placed, interact with the Scrooge McDuck sign outside the house and Scrooge will charge you 4,000 coins to build it. It’s considerably cheaper than some character houses (looking at you Point).

After building the house, you can welcome Vanellope to Dreamlight Valley!

disney dreamlight valley vanellope dancing outside the plaza fountain
Image credit: Eurogamer/Gameloft

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