Man jailed for stealing 200,000 Cadbury Creme eggs

A man used a stolen truck taxi to get away with a trailer loaded with nearly 200,000 Cadbury Creme Eggs before turning himself in to police.

Joby Pool, 32, used a metal grinder to break into an industrial unit in Telford, Shropshire at around 7.30pm on February 11, before leaving with an assortment of chocolates worth over £31,000.

At Shrewsbury Crown Court, Pool, Dewsbury Road, Tingley, near Leeds, was jailed by Judge Anthony Lowe for a year and a half on Thursday, half to be spent in jail and the other half on license. The six months he has already spent in police custody will count towards the nine months spent behind bars.

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The court was told Pool had used a tractor which was stolen in the Yorkshire area in October to tow the trailer, which itself was worth around £23,000, full of Cadbury products from an industrial unit owned by SW Group Logistics in Stafford Park, Telford.

The stolen chocolate was then driven northbound on the M42, where Pool turned up walking towards police “hands up” near Junction 11, a hearing previously overheard.

Pool, who appeared in the dock on Thursday wearing a gray long-sleeved Adidas shirt, had previously admitted stealing, damaging a trailer park lock and driving without insurance.

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