All Illithid Abilities, Ranked and Explained

Baldur’s Gate 3 begins with the player hero(es) being captured by a Mindflayer and brought aboard an Illithid Nautiloid (a flying organic vessel made of tentacles and nightmarish fuel). This leads to them becoming infected with Illithid Tadpoles, horrific nightmarish leeches that hide behind the victim’s eye and begin the gruesome process known as “Ceremorphosis”.

Finding a way to eliminate tadpoles is a big part of party motivation in Baldur’s Gate 3, but having parasites that will eventually turn them into Mindflayers after devouring their brains isn’t without its perks. After a particularly ominous night where several members of the group think the Ceremorphosis process might be beginning, the group wakes up with a new set of powers derived from their parasites. These illithid powers provide additional utility in battle and can be very handy when used correctly. In the full version of the game, these Illithid powers will instead be unlocked through a dedicated skill tree using Tadpoles obtained from other Infected during gameplay.

After the game is fully released, this article will be updated to include the new powers accessible through the skill tree, but for now it will only feature the powers unlockable in the Early Access version.

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stage fright (bard)

The Bard of Baldur's Gate 3 performs in Hell

This Power allows the Bard to afflict a target with “Stage Fright” if he fails a wisdom saving throw. This gives them disadvantage on attack rolls and takes 2d6 psychic damage each time they miss an attack. This effect ends as soon as they make a successful attack.

Endless Rage (Barbarian)


That tadpole power allows the Barbarian to deal an additional 1d4 weapon damage while enraged, at a cost of 1d4 psychic damage each turn. Since the rage will end early if the barbarian does not receive or deal damage in a turn, this effectively prevents the barbarian’s rage from ending early.

Psyche Fracture (Paladin)

Baldurs Gate 3_Paladin_Oath of Devotion

This allows the paladin to attempt a psychic attack on an enemy within 18m that reduces their Armor Class on success, making them easier to hit with attacks. This is fantastic for helping the party deal with any target with high AC.

Horrific Face (Sorcerer)

This Power allows a Sorcerer to restore two sorcery points while inflicting psychic damage to nearby enemies for up to three turns. This can be great when a wizard is low on spell slots or desperate to access their metamagic but are out of points.

Reflective shell (helper)

Gale as a magician

Defensive power with tremendous utility, the reflective shell creates a barrier around the magician which sends incoming projectiles back to their sender. While powerful, this ability is technically illusory in nature and therefore has no effect on enemies that don’t rely on sight or are able to see through illusions.

Supernatural Attraction (Warlock)


A power that can be extremely useful when navigating difficult areas or fighting multiple enemies on a battlefield, Supernatural Attraction allows the warlock to teleport to any ally that has a tadpole. It basically means one of the original characters and has a range of 18m, allowing the warlock to instantly connect with an ally in need whenever needed. Since this only uses a bonus action, the warlock is still able to attack, move, and cast spells after using it.

Inkblot (Thief)

Astarion at Baldurs Gate 3

This power allows the thief to create a small area of ​​magical darkness self-focused and hide immediately, effectively removing them from all enemies’ sight. This can be great for escaping a dangerous situation or for taking a breather to heal and line up an attack. It is important to note that ranged attacks cannot be performed in or out of darkness.

Survival Instinct (Cleric)


This ability allows the cleric to infuse a target with psionic force., allowing them to avoid falling unconscious and regain 3d4 HP when they reach 0 HP. This is especially useful when used on party members who may be targeted in combat. (For example, a paladin using Forced Duel to attract enemy attention)

Psionic appeal (fighter)


This ability is another simple but powerful one, allowing the fighter to pull a creature or object within 18m towards them. This can be used to retrieve objects over gaps and danger zones, while allowing the fighter to tear through their enemies in close combat.

Force Tunnel (Ranger)

A ranger character in Baldur's Gate 3

This tadpole power allows the Ranger to charge forward 9m while knocking back any creature or object in their path 13m away from them. This can be great for repositioning the Ranger while keeping troublesome enemies out of melee range.

Repulsor (all classes)

Baldurs Gate 3_Party Image

This tadpole power allows the user to create a wave of force that deals 2d6 force damage to all creatures and objects within range while knocking them back 20 feet. A successful Strength saving throw halves the damage taken. This is especially useful when the user is surrounded, allowing them to clear their way to reposition themselves without taking attacks of opportunity.

Aberrant Form (Druid)


This ability allows the druid to transform into an intelligence devourer, which can inflict psychic damage. Simple but effective, this grants the druid access to psychic damage and an additional pool of hit points that enemies will need to deplete.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Launching August 3, 2023 for PC and Mac, and September 6, 2023 for PS5.

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