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Analysts bullish on crypto AI project, say it could outperform Chainlink and Monero

In Qubeta is a crypto crowdfunding platform that seeks to transform the artificial intelligence (AI) and cryptocurrency investment sectors.

The platform’s strategy involves split investment in AI startups using its QUBE token to facilitate connections between investors and emerging projects. It also uses non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and uses a deflationary token model.

Some experts believe that InQubeta could surpass Chainlink and Monero due to its ambition to redefine the investment landscape in AI and crypto, making it more accessible to a wider audience.

InQubeta: Bridging Investments in AI and Crypto

In Qubeta uses NFT and QUBE. Through the NFT Marketplace, AI startups can raise funds and offer reward and equity-based NFTs, while QUBE token holders can invest in the projects of their choice.

This relationship can create a beneficial ecosystem for investors and startups.

QUBE is a deflationary token that may also show gains in the future.

A 2% tax on all transactions goes to a wallet on fire. The 5% sales tax also contributes to a dedicated reward pool, allowing investors to earn rewards after staking.

The combination of deflationary metrics and staking rewards is why some investors are exploring QUBE, attributing its growth potential to how it can be a tool for AI tech startups.

Investing in AI startups looks promising. AI technology is dynamic and rapidly evolving, driving breakthroughs in machine learning, robotics and other fields.

InQubeta’s platform bridges the gap between investors and startups, making AI investments more accessible and democratic.

To ensure transparency and security throughout the investment process, InQubeta relies on blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Chainlink: Powering Decentralized Oracle Networks

Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that provides real-world data to on-chain dapps.

Oracles act as intermediaries between smart contracts and external data sources, providing accurate and tamper-proof information that smart contracts can trust.

Chainlink’s decentralized oracle network ensures that data inputs come from multiple independent nodes, promoting reliability and eliminating potential single points of failure.

Due to its robust infrastructure and large network of node operators, Chainlink has been widely adopted across various industries.

The project has also forged partnerships with leading companies, blockchain platforms, and decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, enabling seamless integration of real-world data into blockchain applications.

Chainlink’s flexibility, scalability, and security have made it an essential component of DeFi.

Monero: privacy and security

Monero emphasizes user privacy and security. It is decentralized and uses advanced cryptographic techniques to ensure anonymous and untraceable transactions.

One of its key privacy features is the ring signature, which mixes the spender’s transaction with others, making it very difficult to associate specific transactions with individual users. Monero also uses stealth addresses, generating unique addresses for each transaction, further improving user privacy.

Additionally, Monero incorporates transaction privacy to keep transaction amounts hidden from outside observation. These privacy-focused attributes have made Monero popular with people looking for secure and private transactions, especially in an increasingly surveilled digital landscape.

Due to its commitment to privacy and security, Monero has established a dedicated user base and cemented its position as one of the leading privacy-focused cryptocurrencies available.


Investors who invest in InQubeta and buy QUBE can benefit from the growth potential of the AI ​​and crypto industry. Analysts say the platform could outperform its competitors and gain a bigger market share in AI. InQubeta investors may be interested in supporting AI startups while earning rewards.

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