8 Soulslike Games With The Best Loot Systems

The Soulslike genre is filled with tension, difficulty, and loot. Thanks to the creative gameplay provided by FromSoftware starting with Demon’s Soulsmany other developers have helped the style create other Soulslike games, each with their delicate style, but with the common threads of combat and loot running together.



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Some of the best Soulslike games have amazing loot systems to make the game easier. Players can expect great loot drops from the bodies of their fallen enemies, secret chests and much more that will help the player progress in their journey through an excellent loot system.

8 The surge

The Surge 2 fight

In The surge, players will enter CREO, a megacorporation that prides itself on saving the world. However, things go wrong from the first day on the job, and the players are armed only with a heavy quality exoskeleton to help them move around and try to survive against the lethal technologies meant to save them.

Players who like to swing a variety of weapons and explore strange new areas will have a lot of fun in The Surge, although some terrifying elements will challenge the player. The loot system in The surge will help players become stronger.

7 Elex

THQ Nordic Piranha Bytes

Another action role-playing game that fans of Soulslike games can enjoy is Elex. Not only does the game feature a unique post-apocalyptic world, brimming with sci-fi elements to add to its world’s intrigue, but scavenging and loot areas help make the lived-world more vivid than ever.

Players can expect their decision and choices to matter Elex, as is the loot they find. Players will want to find the best gear possible to survive the harsh world of Magalan.

6 hollow knight

Hollow Knight - Promo Art of the Knight Looking at the Shard

hollow knight did something unique in bringing the style and flair of the Soulslike genre into the 2D platforming space. hollow knight is beloved by countless gamers for its difficulty, challenge, and puzzle elements, as well as its mix of powers and combat that help make the game feel like a Soulslike title with perhaps the most unique visual identity of them all.

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The large areas of hollow knight can be enjoyed and explored to a great extent, in which players will search for loot that expand their powershealth and damage abilities. hollow knight has some great loot systems in place to help players on their adventure.

5 Salt & Sanctuary

0_0003_Salt and sanctuary

Another stylistic and 2D action RPG in the vein of Soulslike games is Salt & Sanctuary. The combat is punishing, the enemies are terrifying, and the loot is inspiring. Players can expect deep RPG mechanics in 2D format in Salt & Sanctuaryand the game has a lot to offer.

Playing the role of a shipwrecked sailor, players will be forced to explore and battle the unspeakable evils that have been forgotten by man. Helping players on their journey is a loot fight that will hopefully ensure death is far behind the player.

4 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

A Soulslike game isn’t complete without an entry from FromSoftware. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is the most unique of their Soulslike titles and involves the cycle of death, revenge, and restoration of honor. As the one-armed wolf, Sekiro, players must find and secure the young lord of an ancient bloodline, battling anyone who dares cross paths with dishonor.

All along Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, players will be able to find many fascinating loot to advance their fun. Players can find items that will unlock unique areas and endings and increase their health, healing, and sword damage.

3 Vestige: ashes

Remnant From The Ashes - Swamps Of Corsus DLC Promotional Image

Vestige: ashes does things a little differently for a Soulslike title. Instead of running through a medieval world with swords and axes, players are instead thrown into a bizarre recreation of Earth’s history, with plenty of disruption. demonic enemies from other dimensions. All the while, players are armed with weapons of all kinds.

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One of the advantages of Vestige: ashes, is the upgrade system resulting from cleaning. Players can advance through the game and find it easier against hostile environments and large-scale bosses if they venture into the loot system for a better arsenal of weapons and armor.

2 Nioh 2

Featured - Nioh 2 Best Shift Skills

Nioh 2 has hordes of enemies seeking the player’s demise. Players are tasked with creating their protagonist to embark on this journey through Japan, fight many forms of demons and other enemies from the Sengoku period.

A truly wild adventure awaits players in Nioh 2, and many brilliant moments to capture. However certain death is, the loot will only delay it a little longer. With many outfits to customize the player and areas to grant new abilities, weapons and more, Nioh 2 has a great loot system to take advantage of.

1 The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom - Link looking at Hyrule from above

Although The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has its own unique identity outside of a Soulslike game, it’s hard to deny the influence that exists within its vast and sprawling open world. From dangerous enemy designs to the fact that players can loot plenty of new armor and weapons, and upgrade their abilities, health, and stamina.

Players who face a brave new Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will be delighted with the loot system and the addictive sound cues that play each time a chest is opened. Players can expect all kinds of loot to help them reach the fight against the legendary villain, Ganondorf.

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