Grand Theft Auto 6 is about to break a huge Rockstar tradition

Strong points

  • Rockstar Games is known for its single-player games. It’s tried co-op a few times, but no one would think of Rockstar games like traditional cooperative games.
  • It is believed that Grand Theft Auto 6 will feature two protagonists influenced by Bonnie and Clyde, necessitating the need for a main story with traditional co-op missions.
  • If implemented, GTA 6’s co-op mode should be more substantial than the company’s smaller attempts, with meaningful gameplay and storytelling for both characters.
  • If done right, Rockstar could step away from its single-player heritage for a moment and leave its mark on the co-op world.

Although GTA online is a huge success, Rockstar has long been known for its high-quality single-player adventures. The company used to get into other types of games, such as Nightclubbut its reputation for quality most likely leads many fans to say Red Dead, Grand Theft Auto, Bully, or maybe even The black when they hear the name of the company mentioned. Obviously, these first two are even more likely given the continued popularity of Auto grand theft 5 And Red Dead Redemption 2. Many of its big names have never really dabbled in traditional co-op for its story modes, but Grand Automatic Flight 6 could change that.

Of course, this reduces online modes like GTA online And red dead online, and that’s not to say Rockstar never did anything with co-op. Players could play mini-games with others in Bully, but not the story. Players could do co-op in San Andreas, but player 2 was actually nobody. The Warriors introduced it, as rumors arose that Max Payne 3 almost had co-op play. There’s no denying that Rockstar isn’t named in conjunction with traditional co-op gameplay. Instead, Rockstar has long been known for its innovations in single-player games, but Grand Automatic Flight 6 could very well impact that legacy and see Rockstar innovate in the co-op genre.

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Why Grand Theft Auto 6 might have a co-op story mode

Bonnie and Clyde are inspirations for the protagonists of GTA 6

It should be mentioned that there are many Grand Automatic Flight 6 rumors out there, most of which aren’t worth their salt. However, Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier has reported on its size and scope a few times, going so far as to call its main story influenced by thieving duo Bonnie and Clyde. Many have interpreted this as two protagonists for Grand Automatic Flight 6a male and a female, and this is supported by the infamous GTA 6 first gameplay leaks. There are even details of the female protagonist being a Latina woman named Lucia, with further rumors that the male character is named Jason.

Anyway, it is remarkable that there seems to be two protagonists for Grand Automatic Flight 6. Bonnie and Clyde were partners in crime, and assuming the connection exists, it stands to reason players will be robbing banks, committing burglaries, and more. with both characters at the same time. Now, there are plenty of single-player games with AI companions, like Kratos and Atreus or Joel and Ellie, but this establishes a clear hierarchy. Whether GTA 6 features Bonnie and Clyde type protagonists, so this hierarchy cannot exist. Instead, it seems likely that players will be able to switch between them as needed on the fly. Otherwise, there would be no fundamental difference between GTA 6duo of protagonists and GTA 5′s trio of protagonists, given the distinct, often separate, storytelling of the latter.

However, if telling a combined story where players can switch between the two is indeed an option, it wouldn’t be a stretch to expect GTA 6main story mode to present the cooperation. And the whole setup would suggest that the two players could work together within the confines of true cooperation. It wouldn’t be something fancy or as grand as GTA onlinemini-games like Bullyand each character would need to matter (as the setup implies) unlike San Andreas. Of course, this is just speculation, but GTA 6 Perhaps it’s time for Rockstar to make its mark in the world of traditional co-op, just as it offers single-player games.

This carries an inherent risk. It’s not uncommon to see developers of all shapes and sizes struggle when stepping out of their comfort zone, so it remains to be seen how Rockstar could innovate and put its name to it. However, risk is an integral part of the creative process, and in this regard, no one should really worry. In development at Rockstar Games Grand Automatic Flight 6.

Grand Automatic Flight 6 is in development.

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