Say what! These awesome voice commands will change your life on your iPhone or Android

Siri, Alexa and Google Assistants are powerful – but the sad reality is that most people don’t maximize their true potential.

The average user is not aware that his pocket AI The wizard can instantly scan thousands of photos and find old images with a few simple commands.

And these bots also make amazing PAs, marking dates in your calendar and setting reminders for crucial meetings.

So let’s discover the main voice commands of your smart assistant that can make your daily life easier:

With those details ironed out, let’s take a look at the top voice commands for your smart assistant that can make your daily life easier (stock image)

Before you begin, to make your phone’s virtual assistant work better, make sure it really understands your voice, tone, and inflections. These common mistakes make it harder.

Turn on the flashlight

In dimly lit situations, like trying to decipher a menu or navigating a hallway, the last thing you want is to struggle with your phone trying to locate the flashlight feature. Opt for an easier solution: control your device using your voice.

Just say, “Turn on the flashlight.”

It works for both Siri and Google Assistant. Just say the wake-up name first to make sure they’re listening. You can also tell your assistant to turn off the flashlight.

Here’s a magical treat for all Potterheads! You can channel your inner wizard by saying “Lumos” to light things up, just like Harry and his friends would with their wands.

And when you’re done, a simple “Nox” will send out the light. How’s that for a spellbinding ride?

Show me pictures of…

Say to your phone, “OK, Google, show me pictures of (your pet’s name).” Even if a pet isn’t in your household, this voice command has the power to navigate your photo gallery quickly.

On an Android, this trick works when you’ve already backed up and organized your photos through Google Photos. Attaching a name to the people and animals you photograph often makes it easier to find them that way.

For Apple fans, Siri can dive into your Photos app and dig into images based on various parameters – the names of individuals, activities, objects, dates, or even locations.

Now take your photo search to the next level.

Get fancy and combine the settings: “Show me pictures from Christmas 2019” or “Show me pictures of Ella from February at the beach.”

Remind me of…

This voice command is as simple as it is invaluable: “Hey Google, set up a reminder…” or “Siri, call me back…”.

After inviting your device, you tell it the task you want it to remind you of.

For example, if you have a phone call with Kim tomorrow at 2:00 p.m., say, “Hey Google, remind me to call Kim tomorrow at 2:00 p.m.”

The reminder will then be set, allowing you to continue your day without fear of forgetting this important task.

Or maybe you need to remember to get a gallon of milk from the grocery store at 3 p.m. Say, “Siri, remind me to get some milk at 3 p.m.”

Start using your digital assistant as an assistant.

How long until…

It’s a familiar scenario: the kids bombard you with questions, constantly wondering, “How long until Christmas?”

Fortunately, Siri or Google can quickly come to your rescue.

All you have to do is ask, “How long until (insert desired date)?” It’s simplicity personified.

This approach is versatile and can meet a multitude of needs.

For example, you are planning a family getaway in a few months and the excitement has caused a countdown.

Your digital assistant will easily provide days remaining, taking the guesswork out of the process and allowing you to focus on planning the perfect vacation.

Find your apps

Many people don’t know that your voice assistant works with your apps.

If you’re using an iPhone, activate Siri by saying “Hey Siri, launch (app name)” to access the app you want.

You can leverage this feature for more complex tasks, such as requesting a ride through Uber by saying “Hey Siri, give me a ride with Uber” or making a payment on Venmo with “Hey Siri, pay Sam $5 with Venmo.”

On an Android device, Google Assistant responds the same to voice commands.

You can open apps by saying “Hey Google, open Dunkin Donuts”. For more advanced interactions, like placing an order, say “Hey Google, order coffee from Dunkin Donuts.”

Google Assistant can also help you track orders or play your favorite music with commands like “Hey Google, where’s my Walmart order?”. or “Hey Google, play Frank Sinatra on Spotify”.

Android devices support voice assistant for many apps such as Snapchat, Discord, Etsy, MyFitnessPal, Mint, Nike Adapt, eBay, Kroger, Best Buy, Postmates, and Wayfair.

Add to my calendar

Take advantage of your voice assistant, Siri or Google Assistant, to manage your calendar without manually opening your calendar app. They need information about participants, date and time.

Here’s an example: Instead of manually setting up a meeting, say, “Hey Siri, have lunch with Bob tomorrow at 1 p.m.” You can even further detail your events by asking “Hey Google, add an event called ‘Birthday Dinner’ this Sunday at 4pm and remind me to order an Uber home at 9pm.”

Remember that if you are managing multiple calendars, specify the target calendar when ordering; otherwise, your event will default to your main calendar.

Siri is designed to connect seamlessly with Apple’s Calendar app. However, if you are a Google Calendar user on an Apple device, you will need to add your Google Calendar with Apple’s default app.

silence my phone

Turn off your phone before entering a church, starting a meeting, or sitting down for a job interview.

An easy way to do this is with your voice. Say “Siri, turn off my phone” or “Google Assistant, turn off my phone”. Poof, no more potential distractions.

It wasn’t for you

It’s common to unintentionally summon your voice assistant with a word that sounds a lot like “Siri” or “Hey Google.”

The device, mistakenly believing it has been called, may start recording your speech, which may lead to privacy issues.

The good news is that Siri and Google Assistant audibly indicate when activated.

If you want to stop Google Assistant from capturing the rest of your conversation, just say “That wasn’t for you.” This command also clears the recent record from your history.

If Siri is inadvertently activated, you can use the exact phrase “It wasn’t for you”.

It’s important to note that while this will disable Siri, Apple hasn’t officially confirmed whether this command also deletes the last recording from its memory.

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Know the voice commands for emergencies

Siri and Google Assistant can save lives in an emergency. Here are some essential voice commands:

  • Call emergency services: Siri and Google Assistant can dial emergency numbers. Saying “Hey Siri, call 911” or “Hey Google, call 911” will immediately put you in touch with emergency services.
  • Locate nearby hospitals: If you need to quickly find a nearby hospital, your voice assistant can help you. Ask, ‘Hey Siri, where’s the nearest hospital?’ or “Hey Google, find hospitals near me”.
  • Share your location: In an emergency, you can quickly share your location with someone. Both Siri and Google Assistant can help. Try saying “Hey Siri, share my location with [contact name],’ or ‘Hey Google, send my location to [contact name]’.
  • Medical ID: Siri can display your medical ID, including essential health information. This can be especially useful for first responders. Say “Hey Siri, show my medical ID”.
  • Scheduled recording: If you’re venturing on your own, you can use Siri or Google Assistant to send a check-in message to a contact at a specific time. For example, “Hey Siri, send a message to [contact name] at 6 p.m. saying, “I just checked in.”

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