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PS VR 2 vs Meta Quest 2: which VR headset to buy?

Not sure which VR headset is ideal for gaming? We clear up your confusion between PS VR 2 and Meta Quest 2 and help you decide which one to buy.

You wonder what best VR headset in 2023 East? Well, the Quest 2 and PSVR 2 are real contenders. With so many great helmets available, deciding which one to buy takes time and effort.

With the recent reductionthe Meta Oculus Quest 2 offers more value for money than ever before. While upcoming VR headsets look promising, the $299 price tag is hard to ignore.

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On the other hand, the PS-VR2 is one of the most powerful VR headsets and can run almost any playstation game. However, its limitations lie in its most promising feature. The PS VR2 is only compatible with the PS5 and that cannot be paired with a PC.

This makes the PS VR2 a tough device to recommend to people who don’t own a PlayStation 5. However, there’s a lot more to compare between these two titans.

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  • PlayStation VR2 price: $549.99
  • Meta Quest 2 Price: $399.99 (128GB), $499.99 (256GB)

THE Meta Quest 2 is cheaper than the PlayStation VR2. However, PlayStation VR2 offers a premium VR experience and a much more modern design compared to Meta Quest 2, which originally released on October 13, 2020.


Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headsetMeta

Originally named Oculus Quest 2, it’s now known as Meta Quest 2, despite being the same headset.

While the headsets may share similarities in their controllers or game library, The Meta Quest 2 and PSVR2 are two fundamentally different headsets. The Meta Quest 2 is relatively underpowered and has a significantly inferior screen, but manages to be wireless, thanks to the Adreno 650 GPUs inside Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 chip inside.

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Meanwhile, the PlayStation VR2 uses the pure power of the PlayStation 5 to fuel his games. If we were to compare pure rasterization performance, the PSVR2 has 10.28 teraflops of pure power, while the Meta Quest 2 has only 1.1 teraflops in comparison.

This will allow the PlayStation VR2 to run significantly better looking VR titles, as it also has a sharper, higher quality screen. The big trade-off for many is that the PlayStation VR2 uses wire, while the Quest 2 is purely wireless. We don’t think the PSVR2’s wire gets in the way too much to detract from the overall experience, but you do lose the portability and freedom that the Quest 2 has.

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The Quest 2 can also be connected to a PC, while the PSVR2 can’t.

The PlayStation VR2 is the clear winner of this comparison, as the latest technology and breakthrough features like eye tracking and facial haptics work wonders for the headset itself, while the Quest 2 remains much more basic and slightly aged.


PlayStation VR2 HeadsetDexerto

The Meta Quest 2 and PlayStation VR2 share a number of similarities, with both headsets opting to use something called upside-down tracking in order to position yourself in space, there are a few key differences that will affect your daily use of the devices.

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The PlayStation VR2 has a wider field of view, with an angle of 110 degrees, while the Quest 2 can only manage a paltry 89. That’s fine in most cases. However, you should also note that the PSVR2 is also capable of using eye tracking, which has the ability to unlock a feature named Foveated Rendering.

Foveated Rendering allows the headset to put more of its graphical power into what you’re actually looking at. This is something the Meta Quest 2 is not capable of, although the Pro Quest do.

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The PlayStation VR2 also has a headphone jack with headphones included, while the Quest 2 has built-in speakers. We like that we can stow away the PSVR2’s headphones at all times, and they’re also much better quality than the Quest 2’s built-in speakers.


mountain header vr horizon callGeurilla/Firesprite Games

The Quest 2, due to being on the market for a few years, has a much larger library of games than the PlayStation VR2 as is, it also has the ability to connect to a computer, for other PC VR experiences. In this regard, the PlayStation VR2 has a lot of catching up to do with the more popular VR headset.

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While ports are coming in droves and fast for PlayStation VR2, Meta Quest 2 just has more diversity when it comes to titles to choose from.

Where you’ll make the real compromise is in the overall experience and fidelity of the headsets themselves. Since the PSVR2 houses a gorgeous pair of OLED lenses, you can be sure games will look better, and the HDR certification mimics reality in a way we’ve never seen any other VR headset manage to do.

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The ace up PlayStation VR2’s sleeve here will be VR versions of AAA titles. In Horizon: The Call of the Mountainyou can traverse stunning vistas, while you can also get a stellar sim racing element in Gran Turismo 7. Experiences like that just aren’t accessible on Meta Quest 2. It’s kind of like HBO versus any other sitcom. Production values ​​will be higher, and you’ll also be able to play some of the system’s most popular VR games.

That said, you’ll still get a lot more diversity with the Quest 2, but we think the tradeoff between technology and AAA experiences is what sets these two headsets apart. We recommend getting the PlayStation VR2, as more and more games are being announced, and they’re all going to be way better than what Meta Quest 2 could muster.

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Which should you buy?

An image of a TV with the PSVR2 setup screenDexerto

Right now, we think the PlayStation VR2 is the best buy for anyone who currently owns a PlayStation 5. The Quest 2 can’t quite match its technical prowess. While the Quest 2 has a much wider range of titles, the PlayStation VR2 is likely to have higher quality titles, thanks to being powered by the PlayStation 5 itself.

Ultimately it comes down to whether you want a wireless headset that you can take anywhere or be hooked up to a more powerful system. Right now, we’d say the best buy is the PlayStation VR2.

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