Warzone 2 July 24 Patch Notes: Cronen Squall, X13 Auto, Basilisk akimbo nerfs, more

Published: 2023-07-24T19:01:15

Update: 2023-07-24T19:56:29

Warzone 2 released the full patch notes on July 24 – which included several weapon tweaks and bug fixes.

Warzone 2 unveiled another patch which nerfed popular weapons such as X13, Basilisk, and the Cronen Squall. Featured weapon changes include lowering Cronen Squall and X13 max damage.

Warzone 2 also released a hotfix on July 17 – which fixed bugs related to armor plates and Temp V.

Now the title has made further adjustments for many weapons and attachment options. Here are all the changes coming in the July 24 update.

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Nerves Cronen Squall

Despite the fact that the Cronen Squall I’ve had nerves latelyit has always been one of the best long-range automatic weapons in the game.

Activision is taking an even bigger hit to the power of the Cronen Squall this time around, nerfing the weapon’s maximum damage, its close and mid-range damage, and damage multipliers for headshots, among other changes.

Hopefully these changes will finally allow other ARs to thrive.

Auto Nerves X13

THE X13 Automatic Pistols stood out amongst the rest of the pack for their ridiculous kill time and versatility.

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This high TTK caught the attention of the developers, who removed the weapon’s maximum damage and implemented a bug fix that increased its overall damage.

Nerves Akimbo Basilisk

Possibly the best automatic pistols in Warzone, the Basil on the hips the setup is one of the best for taking down enemies. Or, rather, was.

Activision is nerfing the full damage profile of weapons so they perform closer to what they were originally intended for.

Warzone 2 July 24 full patch notes

Discover all of Warzone 2 patch notes below.

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gas mask in WarzoneActivision

To read the full Warzone 2 patch notes for July 24, check out the blog post. Here are all the changes made in the recent update:


Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with some players correctly receiving Battle Pass rewards
  • Fixed an issue where some players could not open the Battle Pass
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the player from accessing Division Rewards in Career and Rewards in Warzone Ranked Play

Warzone Weapons

assault rifles

  • Lachmann-556
    • Maximum damage decreased
    • Mid-range damage increased
    • Headshot multiplier decreased
    • Decreased neck multiplier
    • Lowered upper torso multiplier
  • M4
    • Lowered upper torso multiplier
    • Lower torso multiplier reduced
  • TAQ-56
    • Headshot multiplier decreased
  • Tempus Razorback
    • Minimum damage increased
    • Increased member multipliers

battle rifles

  • Cronen Squall (fully automatic)
    • Maximum damage decreased
    • Damage near mid reduced
    • Added damage step at mid range
    • Reduced minimum damage
    • Headshot multiplier decreased


  • Basil
    • Fixed an issue with the Basilisk Akimbo Snakeshot where its damage profile was higher than intended
  • FTAC Headquarters
    • Maximum damage decreased
  • X13 Automatic
    • Fixed an issue that caused the damage profile of the X13 Auto to be higher than intended
    • Maximum damage decreased


  • MX Guardian
    • Maximum damage decreased
    • Damage near mid reduced
    • Average damage decreased
    • Reduced mid-range damage
    • Reduced minimum damage

submachine guns

  • ISO 45
    • Fixed an issue with ISO 45 causing lower right upper leg damage than intended



  • Bordered KV
    • 12 Gauge Dragon’s Breath
      • Close damage reduced
  • MX Guardian
    • 12 Gauge Dragon’s Breath
      • Maximum damage decreased
      • Damage near mid reduced
      • Average damage decreased
      • Maximum damage range increased
      • Increased damage range near mid
      • Medium damage range reduced
      • Minimum damage range reduced


  • Fixed an issue where snipers with high explosive rounds could be found from floor loot in ranked matches
  • Fixed an issue where after eliminating the player’s team, the player would leave the match and receive a prompt to join the match
  • Fixed an issue where players could have infinite super jumps when using a second Temp V field upgrade
  • Fixed an issue where equipping the Semi-Auto Trigger on the MX Guardian Shotgun would significantly reduce range when fighting AI in the DMZ
  • Fixed an issue where the Squad Loadout crate was missing the in-world icon until pinged
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from being able to use the Gulag Token if they lost the Gulag earlier in the match

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