Kleev Homes goes into liquidation with Melbourne construction company owing $3.3million following collapse

By Zak Wheeler For Daily Mail Australia

01:21 25 Jul 2023, updated 02:50 25 Jul 2023

  • Kleev Homes Pty Ltd is now defunct 
  • The company owes $3.3 million to 162 creditors
  • An estimated 100 tradies are left unpaid  
  • The latest in a string of construction collapses

Another construction company has gone under leaving behind millions of dollars worth of debt with more than 100 tradies still waiting to be paid.  

Kleev Homes Pty Ltd – which is based in Narre Warren, in Melbourne – quietly went into liquidation earlier this month with $3.3 million in debts. 

The construction company owed millions to 162 unsecured creditors as of July 7, according to documents  from the Australia Securities and Investments Commission.

Travis Pullen of insolvency firm B&T Advisory has been appointed liquidator.

Narre Warren-based residential builder Kleev Homes Pty Ltd quietly went into liquidation with $3.3 million owing to 162 unsecured creditors earlier this month in Melbourne (stock pictured)
As of July 25, all social media accounts, phone lines, and websites relating to the construction company have been shut off or deactivated

Some of the largest amounts that Kleeve Homes owed were $262,000 to the ATO and another $707,000 which was owed to Westpac. 

The company reportedly had $0 left in the coffers when it went into liquidation. 

In attempting to recover some of the capital required to pay off the debts, Mr Pullen has estimated that $3,088 will be recovered through asset sales. 

Another $423,000 is believed to be recoverable from sundry debts that are owed to Kleeve Homes, according to Mr Pullen. 

As of July 25, all social media accounts, phone lines, and websites relating to the construction company have been shut off or deactivated. 

Frustrated tradies were seen touring a Kleeves Homes worksite earlier this month, according to an interior designer who spoke to

‘I was over two weeks ago and trades were there trying to take back pipes and items in an effort to recoup some funds as the builder wasn’t answering calls,’ they said.

As of writing it is unknown how many homeowners have been impacted by the business’ sudden closure.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted the liquidator for additional comment. 

This comes as the latest blow to the building industry, which has seen more than a dozen construction firms collapse in 2023 alone. 

One day prior to the news of Kleeve Homes entering liquidation, Melbourne builder Avra Group met the same fate. 

The company promoted itself as having a ‘professional approach’ which ‘set it apart from other firms’ and managed clients’ projects from start to finish.

Other building companies to go under this year include Millbrook Homes, in NSW; Bentley Homes, in Victoria and Modoc Residential, based in Perth, WA.

Porter Davis – the country’s 12th largest builder – collapsed in March. 

The demise of Porter Davis left 1,700 projects and 779 empty blocks of land across Victoria and Queensland in jeopardy.

More than 1,000 unsecured creditors were left $71 million out of pocket in the catastrophic aftermath. 

More than 100 tradies are left unpaid for their previous work while the liquidator, B&T Advisory, attempts to claw back as much money as they can from assets and sundry debts

The industry is continuing to grapple with disruptions in their supply chains and skilled labour availabilities. 

The high costs of materials and logistics are also crippling the ability of businesses to meet the demands of locked-in price contracts. 

Since starting in 2006, Kleeve Homes had been specialised in ‘complex, architecturally-designed new residences and renovations/additions,’ according to their now-defunct website.

They had worked throughout Victoria, while focusing primarily on Melbourne.

While operational the company boasted numerous awards including Young Master Builder of the Year, Best Custom Home several years running, and best renovations.

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