5 Tips to Cleanse Your Lungs

In recent studies, troubling revelations have come to light regarding certain e-cigarette companies. Some of these entities utilize flavorings containing Diacetyl, a toxic chemical. This substance has been linked to a severe and life-threatening condition called constrictive bronchiolitis. This ailment entails the narrowing and constriction of the bronchioles due to the formation of scar tissue and inflammation, resulting in an obstructive lung disease that can’t be reversed.

 Indoor Air Quality

indoor air quality

Indoor air quality plays a significant role in affecting lung health. Accumulated dust, irritants, and chemicals within the home can contribute to respiratory distress. This situation is particularly relevant for individuals with lung diseases, who often spend extended periods indoors. It’s imperative to prioritize indoor environments, especially on days when outdoor air quality is compromised.

To enhance indoor air quality, consider implementing these suggestions:

Clean Up: Regular cleaning is essential. Vacuuming should be done frequently, and investing in a high-quality vacuum cleaner can be beneficial. While mopping your floors, opt for cleaners that are free from harmful chemicals to avoid introducing pollutants into your living spaces.

Go Chemical-free: Opt for natural cleaning products and steer clear of items with fragrances. Avoid using aerosol sprays, as they can release potentially harmful particles into the air.

Get an air purifier: Taking steps to purify indoor air can greatly impact lung health. Consider purchasing air purifiers that can be strategically placed in individual rooms. Alternatively, you might invest in a whole-house air purifier for comprehensive coverage. Introducing indoor plants like ferns, spider plants, or aloe vera can further aid in air purification. Additionally, utilizing air purifying machines can contribute to a cleaner breathing environment.

Change your house filters: Apart from air purifiers, it’s crucial to maintain the filters in your home. This includes regularly changing filters in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, as well as cleaning vents like those found in bathrooms or air conditioning and heating systems. Ensuring that your furnace filter is replaced at least every six months is vital for optimal air circulation and filtration.

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