The pasha Hussein Majali … absent and present


Dr. Stam Al-fayez is
personal and political and military diplomat is firmly rooted in the same as Jordanian penetration in internal security and political scene was highlighted his presence was unrivalled popularity is due to his chest and Culture high-capacity created by the
former Minister of the Interior did not Hussein Majali in high positions in the state of vacuum cord, where did not drop by or by anointing reassume a lot of sensitive positions, both as a diplomat and an ambassador or a large military rank in the Jordanian armed forces or public security, issued earlier in the royal appointing him as director general of public security
in view of the efficiency of the qualities at the time, and he was having a tough time Arab spring had reached its peak in Jordan issued property will Samia appointing As Minister of the Interior
may not know a lot of people of the history of this man coming from the south, got Pasha Hussein Al Karak Hazza Majali on the high certificates from the finest American universities in addition, he is fluent in both English and French, in addition to the accumulated experience, which was able to employ the best recruitment to provide home juicer thinking was reflected in short experiences such as this to the performance of official institutions, which recognizes the sensitive positions
and Jordanian citizen frontage, through press conferences, which was held from time to time, both when he was a director of public security, as Minister of the Interior
was highlighted his presence was distinguished by its ability to respond to all inquiries, which he received from Jordanian and Arab journalists, journalists and non-Arabs
, such as this approach reflects his love of transparency and disclosure the facts for the citizens because of this managed to build bridges of trust and love of the citizen,
was the first to adopt the term Majali soft security thanks to this methodology did not shed the blood of Jordanians in his era, and those who marched in demonstrations calling for achieving economic and political reforms in the context of the Arab spring, which is still rages in Arab region five years ago was to contain the crowds of citizens protesting against a smooth away from the violence in the same time without let-up to any outside the law, where accountability is outside the law in accordance with the instructions and laws exist in Jordan, without prejudice to the in the same time with dignity home
at the international level is Hussein Majali of eminent personalities, where from time to time to participate in global conferences and lectures in a language understood by the international community, thus it is Jordan’s ambassador, which devotes positive impressions of Jordan dear homeland, who grew up in which did not forget their homeland did not forget the Jordanian state did not spare him equally gave the State was the personal secretary of a clean-wide tab is lovingly
Hussein Majali personal charismatic leadership
is absent and present always Jordanian memory in
these few lines what is only an expression of what we are heartened by the vibrations in not enough submitting so apolergise for lackصورة معلم