Chairman of the Jordanian Rally in support of the Hashemite regime Dr. Sattam Al- Fayez confirms that he will continue his work and insist that the threats of some quarters will not shake a hair in the body of a quarter million affiliates



The President of the Jordanian Rally in support of the Hashemite regime Dr. Sattam  Al-Fayez issued a statement in which he confirmed the continuance  of the assembly  in  proceeding   its activities and communication   with citizens despite of  the threats from some official personalities  and impose  restrictions on the  offices directors  of the assembly in all provinces  of the Kingdom ,  where they prevent their  contact with citizens and  performing  their mission in helping, advising, promote peace , educate and raise sensibility of   citizens,

and leading  them to be affiliate and have love of belonging to their country ,  aware them  of the critical risks that affect  their country, the risks which formed in  attempt of some external parties that carrying hatred for our   homeland and attempt to  destabilize its security and stability  and it is sought  to attract citizens to terrorist organizations,  pointing   that the Jordanian Rally in support of the Hashemite regime    is performing its mission and doing its duty for more than six years .

When  Dr. Sattam Al-Fayez established  the assembly  did not  take any permission from any authority and does not sought to take  from any authority  , whatever this authority is , because the homeland is more important and precious   from anything even permissions or hatred or  personal interests,  and because the citizen concern is convolution  behind the banner of the Commander, His Majesty King Abdullah II  forming  immunity and protection to the homeland

Al-Fayez said that about 250 thousand of the members of the assembly  are continuing their job,  and will not shake them such threats issued by few officials which afraid to loss their positions or to be isolated .  

These threats will  not shake any hair in their bodies or make them afraid  because they know that what they do is  not violate the law and the Constitution.

Al-Fayez revealed the assembly  exposed  to pressures and annoyances   from  parties he did not named,  and threats to its  affiliates and directors, expressing his  astonishment and disappointment about this issue and the behavior of these authorities , in term  that all  of this happens at the certain  time when Jordan is suffering from many crises, whether these crises are economic or social and even security or political ,  regarding to the situations and dilemmas  happening around us in the Arab region , pointing such a situation led us in the assembly  to   maintain to protect the inner front to preserve Jordan, through many activities, seminars and events the assembly proceed from time to time and visiting the citizens in different provinces.

  And when we act in such manner  , we do not sought to demand  for any reward for this work and this  is  a national duty, and no one from these parties  provided assistance and support for us, and we are not  waiting for their assistance ,  even if they have any affiliation to the homeland and to His Majesty King Abdullah they  must  not do what they did or behave in such  way.

Al-Fayez demand His Majesty King Abdullah II to impose restrictions on these officials, where it is already overload and it becomes intolerable as only His Majesty who can prevent and stop them , after they have been  exceeded in their actions,  and after their threats to the sons of the ancient  clans  which they are members in the assembly , although they register over than quarter of a million citizens and those citizens will not stand  watching  or hand tied  or even  comply  to these threats  and  the  assembly will continue to proceed   national events and call for the protection of the homeland from external threats and external  interference.

Al-Fayez proclaim these authorities  to chase those who does not affiliate to the homeland and igniting sedition or executing terrorist act  even dissent nor against the Hashemite leadership , which they are known to these authorities   , and do not  chase the supporters and affiliates  to the Hashemite leadership. Al-Fayez confirmed  that these parties who are igniting sedition  in Jordan through such practices, they do not have any long-term vision and lack awareness of what is going on in the region around us,  Practicing disinformation with the intent that these officials remain in their  positions .

Al-Fayez addressed to his Majesty to  immediate intervention, confirming that the Jordanian gathering supporting the Hashemite regime, which includes a quarter of a million citizens as members and supporters of the Hashemite  leadership, will not stop their work and will not stop communicate and contact the people,  no matter what the pressure exerted on them or whatever happen to them or exposed to any aggression , will continue their affiliate, belong and love to their homeland and loyalty  the Hashemite leadership 



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