Covid hospitalizations increase by almost 20% in a week in England | Coronavirus

Coronavirus cases and hospitalizations are rising again in England after falling since early July, data shows, with experts warning people should stay home if they are sick and get a Covid booster if they are eligible.

According to the latest figures from the government’s coronavirus dashboard, the number of cases detected through mass community testing and the number of patients admitted to hospital with Covid have increased over the past seven days, suggesting that the country could face a resurgence of the virus.

On Monday, 781 Covid patients were admitted to hospital in England, up from 519 the previous week, with the seven-day total rising by 17% from 3,434 in the week ending September 12 to 4,015 during for the week ending September 19.

As the Health Service Journal notes, admissions in the South West have increased by 39%, to 509, in the past seven days, and by 30% in the North East and the Yorkshire region.

As data on Covid infection levels across the UK is due from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) tomorrow, data from the Zoe Health Study suggests cases are rising, with clues also seen in the latest figures for the number of cases detected in mass community testing in England.

Dr Susan Hopkins, chief medical adviser at the UK Health Security Agency, said there were steps people could take.

“While Covid-19 rates are still low, the latest data for the past seven days indicates an increase in hospitalizations and an increase in community-reported positive tests,” she said.

“For those eligible, now is the time to get your fall booster. Getting a booster will give your immune system time to build up your protection against serious Covid-19 illnesses as we head into winter.

“All available boosters provide good protection against serious Covid-19 illnesses and getting your booster as soon as possible is crucial.

“As it gets colder and we head into winter, we will start to see respiratory infections develop – please try to stay home if you feel unwell and avoid contact with vulnerable people. .”

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