difficult winter waiting for Jordanians


صورة معلمDr. Stam Al-fayez
we are on the threshold of the winter, which coincided with new school year
, which coincided with an unprecedented situation of poverty has become a major burden on the citizen in parallel to this, staff are still revenues are not in proportion with the levels of living of the growing rise that was an exception wide section of the Jordanian people of non-staff members who do not operate governmental functions of those who work in the private sector, workers, construction other professions
were surprised at the wide range of employment opportunities and available are not in proportion wages paid to them with the requirements of the Minimum Living Standard
many reasons behind this phenomenon, Jordan has witnessed a lot of deep social variables economic shifts in the past five years, has witnessed unprecedented waves of asylum formed a burden on the state budget, especially that Donor countries not to assume its responsibilities toward them
accompanied by leakage of large numbers of refugees to the labor market and the Employment Strong Competition Jordanian labor, where accept work at the lowest wages and has been replaced by gradually replace Jordanian labor
in cases of La Paz by Jordanian workers have a lot of work in the same wages for employment inflows in the absence of alternatives to
the Ministry of Labor has tried to find radical solutions to the problem, it was carried out from time to time on the facilities inspection campaigns in search of illegal employment, but such campaigns have not achieved the required uses, due to the lack of cooperation from the employers with the ministry, where it is in their interest that the survival of the situation to what it the outcome is that the Jordanian citizen is to pay the price for that
is strange is that the competitiveness of employment has not been limited The artisan Layer free professions has extended to include the functions of or professions was the monopoly of the Jordanians and the pharmacists and medical professions, where is the use of immigrants or refugees to work at night, which led to a real dilemma, unemployment and suffering and poverty,
the Government must give a lot of importance and interest before the citizens to the State of the worst of the situation, passing by