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Sattam Hakem Al Fayez

Sattam Hakem Al Fayez was invited to the United Nations to HRH Crown Prince Hussein Bin Abdullah II to preside over the work of peace, Peace and Security Forum held in Madaba recently, the largest international organization modeled on the United Nations stems from the vacuum where that is better than his address young people of his generation and a way that everyone understands and accepts what it says His Highness by a large population of Arabs and non-Arab youths and by many involved in combating extremism and international organizations thought takfirist

The Crown Prince has starred in the international arena where he headed in the month of April session at United Nations Headquarters entitled: maintenance of international peace and security. Addressing Prince Hussein for young people strongly and in a language that everyone understands, especially since the agenda of this forum coincides with the spread of takfir thought in the Arab region and affected a large segment of young people in this thought especially that of promoting this thought terrorist groups are using all propaganda means and the latest technology to reach the largest possible number of people and recruitment and provide them to the Arab societies and alien to Western societies

A devastating thought became intercontinental and does not need to pass any of the States and there is no way to reduce it and how dangerous it would be to only confront humanitarian moderate ideology that corresponds to human nature. The Highness the Crown Prince succeeded in the transfer of the message to the Jordanian civilization and the Prophet, peace be upon him, who conveyed the message of Islam and brought the Secretariat where it had taken this intellectual doctrinal Islamic Call implications of tolerance and moderation and thought sound is distorted and found acceptable to all those who participated in the Forum and thus this message has reached the international community in an outstanding contribution from Prince to convey the true image of Jordan of the state which is based on the curriculum of the Prophet approach of moderation which is the same message that seeks all the time His Majesty King Abdullah II to be transferred to the international community of this society that has become obsessed Bvobaa Islam-any fear of Islam-

Islamic religion was not in any historical stage holds any distorted image or no thought of working on the dismantling of the values ​​and ideals and the spirit of tolerance
His Highness the Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II have won great popularity among Jordanians, all of them young, who make up half of society