Egyptian army killed 26 “terrorists” and arrested 84 others and demolishing 18 slot tunnel



Arabspring: Egyptian army said, it killed “26 of the terrorist elements, as a result of the exchange of fire,” in time, who delivered “the arrest of 84 others from criminal elements and extremist suspects.”

He explained Brigadier Mohammed Samir, a spokesman for the Egyptian army, in a statement released on Sunday, his location via social networking (Facebook), that “elements of the armed forces succeeded during the period between September 20 to 27 / September of this, in the killing of 26 of the terrorist elements, as a result exchange of fire with them, including 15 on Saturday, and adjust the 84 individual elements of terrorist and criminal provinces of North Sinai, Ismailia and Port Said (north-east) and Dakahlia (Nile Delta / North). ”
He pointed out that “the forces of the army succeeded in destroying 18 slot tunnel in Rafah in northern Sinai (north-eastern Egypt on the border with the Gaza Strip).”

Translation: Nebras Aldasouqi


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