EXCLUSIVE Travers Smith associate quits company after ‘inappropriate conduct’

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Wrong ‘un: sent.

A lawyer quit Travers Smith after being found guilty of inappropriate conduct.

The company held an emergency all-staff meeting this week, an insider told RollOnFriday, at which it was announced that a partner had been suspended and later resigned.

A source referred to several incidents of a specific nature, but the company refused to confirm that the information was accurate and RollOnFriday was unable to corroborate it (write if you know more)

In a statement provided to RollOnFriday, Travers explained that he immediately suspended an associate after allegations were made against him, and instructed a KC to undertake an “independent and thorough” investigation.

The investigation found that “inappropriate conduct” had occurred and, following its conclusion, “the associate left the company,” Travers said.

“As in this case, we take all allegations of misconduct extremely seriously,” the firm said. “To preserve the privacy and confidentiality of those involved, it would be inappropriate for the firm to make any further comment.”

Travers’ desire to protect his people also showed in 2018, when he asked them to use a phrase – ‘That’s not cool’ – if they were offended by something a colleague said. .

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