Graphical Half-Life 2 VR Remaster Will Look Absolutely Stunning

Graphical Half-Life 2 VR Remaster Will Look Absolutely Stunning

Image: Source VR Mod Team

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Last week, Half-Life 2 VR successfully launched into open beta. The team is planning many improvements, including a graphical remaster.

The long-awaited VR mod for Half-Life 2 has been well received by VR fans: after just a few days, the game has already received nearly 1,500 positive reviews on Steam.

I also grabbed the crowbar last week and was impressed with the development team’s attention to detail in bringing the first-person shooter into virtual reality and the smoothness of the game on my PC. Immersing myself in the virtual environments I remember from my youth is a mind-blowing experience.

I agree with my colleague MIXED Max: Half-Life 2 is the best game in VR.

HL2 VR: preview of the next graphics update

The original came out nearly 19 years ago. It is clear that it does not offer as many graphics as it once did. Especially the textures and the lighting leave a lot to be desired by today’s standards.

This is precisely where the mod team wants to start with a future graphical remaster. The project roadmap indicates that they want to rework graphics assets and textures, partly manually and partly via AI upscaling, to achieve more detail and sharpness in the game world. of Valve. Additionally, the team hopes to improve all levels in terms of lighting and detail.

On Twitter, the team previews the remaster and shows how atmospheric the game world is with improved lighting.

This will unfold gradually in the form of a optional download: Fans of the original will still be able to play Half-Life 2 as it was released in 2004.


Experience better HL2 graphics now

It is not known when the first updates will appear. On Twitter, the team says they are working hard on a major graphics update.

If you already want to experience Half-Life 2 VR with better graphics, you can try a module pack that the modder Ashok has implemented. You can find it on Github or pastebin.

In addition to graphic mods, the mod pack contains new campaigns that have been tested for suitability in virtual reality and should entertain for hours.

The Source VR mod team is also working on other things besides the graphical remaster: first, weapon interactions and comfort options will be further improved, and second, the team wants to port Episode 1 and 2 also for VR. You can read more about it on the official website of the project.

You can download Half-Life 2 VR Mod for free on Steam. The VR mod requires you to own the original.

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