Hillary Clinton: Shooting Victims Should Be Able To Sue Gun Manufacturers



Of course, the problem with this approach is that the UCC gunman passed a background check for his guns, as did almost every mass shooter of note in the last eight years. Breitbart New previously reported that The New York Times admits the clear majority of mass shooters–including Gabby Giffords’ attacker–acquire their guns via backgroundchecks.

So, as usual, this is just grandstanding by Hillary since expanding background checkswould have done nothing to stop the attack at UCC.

But Clinton also wants to use the UCC attack to boost her media attention, just as Obamadid. She sees this as an opportunity to change the law so that shooting victims and their families can sue gun makers. As usual, just like Bengazi and her server and her emails and everything else she has done, no thought was attached to this. Duke Universityresearcher Chris Conover has demonstrated that owning a car is “80 percent” more dangerous than owning a gun–as relates to the lives of others–Clinton said nothing about allowing crash victims and their families to sue Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, or Mercedes. Point Made.

Clinton asked, “What is wrong with us that we can’t stand up to the NRA and the gun lobby and the gun manufacturers they represent?” She is pledging to fight for these new controls and laws as president. Anything to take the focus off her deepening quagmire.


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