Immerse launches VR In A BOX for simplified corporate VR training

Immerse has just released its latest product, VR in a BOX. The virtual reality training platform provider knows that enterprise virtual reality has a steep learning curve for many. According to the company, VR in a BOX is a compact, frictionless solution for businesses that want to start using virtual reality. It streamlines corporate XR training programs.

VR training made easy

VR training has made a huge difference in the scope of corporate training. Most industries can benefit from adopting virtual reality as a training solution.

VR training can teach, upskill and reskill both local and remote workforce. However, many companies are struggling to adopt and implement VR training. Immerse has identified the main barriers to VR adoption: software, hardware, and affordability.

Immerse created Virtual Reality in a BOX with business in mind. Large organizations can use the product even without prior VR experience. It provides all the tools needed to run Immerse’s open and scalable platform. It also includes all software components to implement XR initiatives across the enterprise.

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Heath Shatouhy, CCO of Immerse, said its goal was to make virtual reality accessible to businesses and provide “immediate benefits”. Over the years, they’ve seen how virtual reality overwhelms businesses – either they don’t know where to start or they don’t embrace the technology. VR in a BOX addresses these difficulties.

“After more than 10 years in the industry, we realized that companies often felt overwhelmed by the adoption process and didn’t know where to start.” Shatouhy said in a press release shared with ARPost. “Our VR in a BOX solution solves this problem and provides an easy-to-understand solution for CIOs, CLOs, HR managers and their teams to help them implement Immerse’s truly open and scalable platform.”

Conventional training that usually takes months is reduced to a few weeks. This helps companies accelerate the adoption and delivery of their VR initiatives. VR in a BOX provides a more immersive, engaging and safe training experience, compared to traditional training tools.

VR in a BOX: all-in-one and frictionless

Available since September 13, VR in a BOX allows companies to focus on the variables that matter. Businesses can use the product to provide employees with unique immersive content, and can also track and measure its impact. SAP customers can also link their platforms to SuccessFactors.

VR in a BOX includes access to the Immerse Platform, five Immerse Marketplace learning apps, a preinstalled mobile device management (MDM) solution, and five Pico Neo 3 headsets.

Access to the immersion platform

The Immerse platform is a content aggregation, distribution and reporting tool. He helps companies develop, deploy, scale and evaluate virtual reality training solutions. Major companies such as DHL, Shell and GE Healthcare have adopted the platform.

VR in a BOX includes one year of access to the platform. This allows companies to collect performance data early on. The platform also offers a selection of distribution options as well as application-level reporting.

Immersion - VR training - VR in a BOX

5 Choices of Immerse Marketplace Apps

Immerse Marketplace is an all-in-one hub for immersive training resources. It offers more than 120 virtual reality and desktop applications and covers a wide range of topics. These include health and safety, interpersonal skills, hazard awareness and career development. The market also offers reports and analysis. Organizations can choose a bundle in a specific industry or select apps separately.

Pre-installed MDM solution

MDM software monitors and secures devices, applications and data from a single console. It helps businesses manage mobile networks remotely without disrupting end-user experience. The box has a pre-installed MDM solution to help organizations regulate content in the future.

5 Pico Neo 3 headsets

Pico Neo 3 is a sophisticated wireless VR headset designed for business. It has all the features needed for scale-ups without the need for demanding business terms.

VR in a BOX provides five Neo 3 headsets stacked with features. These include room-scale tracking, high-quality FOV, and built-in spatial stereo speakers.

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