Important statement from the World Shield Organization in Jordan regarding membership and the opening of membership



The General Secretary  of the International Shield for the Protection of the Rights and Freedom of Citizens in the Middle East and Africa, Dr. Sattam Al-Fayez, announced the opening of membership in Jordan ,  to various personalities  who is active in  human rights field, university professors and Doctors , intelligent  and various clan dignitaries  of well-known personalities  , in the light of the studies carried out by the  General Secretariat  of the Organization in Jordan ,  after having received many inquiries and applications from many prominent personalities, especially after it became clear its role in dealing with many of the hot files in the field of human rights

The organization  forced many countries to deal with these files , after it completed its field reports by the delegates of this organization ,  and under the direct supervision of the  General Secretary  of the Organization in Jordan Dr. Sattam Al-Fayez, who succeeded in exploiting  his relations with senior officials and different  decision-makers  foundations  in different  fields which the  citizens concerned.  Dr. Al Fayez pointed  that his organization in Jordan has been active for three years and has been able to collect very important information

The organization  have been able to attract many important dignitaries  who work in various fields and  these personalities  using their  influence in Jordan and out of  Jordan helped the International Shield Organization to achieve  its tasks successfully ,  despite the wide  relations which  linking the  General Secretary  of the Organization in Jordan d. Sattam Al Fayez with many important figures in Jordan and international organizations working in the  human rights field .

Al Fayez said that it will be announced   next week about  the opening of membership and affiliation  to the organization in Jordan and  accept the applicants from various personalities and interested in this field ,  and the granting of decorations and membership cards, where the holder of this membership card  enjoy and express many privileges  , and we  will be honoring those who prove success in the tasks , that fall on their responsibilities ,  and inclusion their names in the lists that include the names of the active  international personalities ,  due to this procedures will facilitate their duties and tasks,  and can contact all the famous  international organizations globally   and then address the heads of these States in any order  and any matter that would provide service humanity,   Stressing that the organization  addresses to any file that affects the lives and rights of citizens , and  confirming that the staff of the organization in Jordan work day and night and 24 hours and achieved many achievements


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