Infiltration process again to the White House


البيت الأبيض %28ارشيفية%29

Arabspring: Presidential Security Service detained American on Saturday night, Sunday, a man approached a lot of the White House in an accident comes 24 hours after the arrest of another man managed to sneak in to the headquarters of the American presidency, as announced by the authorities.

Said Ed Donovan, spokesman for the Secret Service is responsible for guarding the president told AFP that the man who was arrested Saturday approached at the start of the entrance to the White House on foot, then returned and approached again from another entrance to the presidential residence on board the car, and was arrested.
The spokesman described the incident as a “relatively simple” compared to the One who signed on Friday.
Friday evening, and infiltration of man to the White House campus and enables access to the northern entrance of the headquarters before being arrested, in an accident summoned members of the crew evacuated the presidential and journalists were in place, as reported by the Secret Service.
It was not President Barack Obama exists in the White House for a moment for the evacuation process, so he had ascended minutes before the helicopter to the presidential Enroute to Camp David to spend the weekend with his family.

Translation: Nebras Aldasouqi


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