Investment Obstacles in Jordan.



D. Stam Al Fayez صورة معلم – Dubai succeeded during a short period of time to highlight the World Inhabitants kept investors from everywhere to become the Arab model of the developed world in this area

and we find says that the financial resources available to the Dubai fold-out in Jordan which suffers from economic dilemmas and many challenges failed the successive governments of the need to confront and solutions to the root causes of

this is true but it does not mean that the government stands idle, especially in such circumstances hot political under feverish competition in the Arab region to create opportunities for promising investment and attracting investment and incentives to investors with a view to resettling

such States working under the most difficult of circumstances and challenges ولاتتوقف its efforts because its steps on this level is the institutional work and systematically measured not Randomly, as is the case in Jordan

this regrettable every year in Davos Economic Conference in Jordan participates in this huge world gathering the leaders of political figures and businessmen and distinguished and the exchange of views and the available investment opportunities in each country of the participating States

although Jordan hosts such as this conference huge world succeed others of States to attract investors and receive the best opportunities while we get the crumbs and investments are not of the feasibility of

the مايبدوا the challenges that confront us with complications including complex extensions made it impossible to transform the challenges into opportunities despite that Jordan has viable as a stable and secure compared to other States which suffer from the absence of political stability and the chaos where such things the environment Centrifuges for investment

did not succeed any government in the recruitment of such matter in a positive way to draw the attention of investors despite efforts by His Majesty King Abdullah II to the marketing of Jordan perhaps follow the movements of the international king noted that His Majesty spends time in addressing the businessmen and economic bodies in the different countries of the world and economic groupings and prestigious

no to pursue such efforts of ownership of the High Commissioner on the contrary, Governments to develop legislation revolting and official circles of the relationship of this laws scare away anyone investors eye turned toward the seize the opportunity and incentive legislation facilitation for investors lead ultimately to resettlement,

as well as all that we are faced with the problem of the most serious problems which already mentioned, where the layer of corrupt officials played A role in the grunting architecture of the Jordanian economy after it succeeded in weaving relations with senior investors and endorsed all the efforts that have been made at this level in favor of indifferent to the national interest of the biased to the personal interests in a way that puts all interested in this regard in a spiral of confusion and uncertainty counterinsurgency picture as if such layer seeks in a deliberate way to sabotage the economy