Jordan between Tears of Merkel and injustice ..kin


فايز الكاتب
Dr. Stam Al Fayez
raised much ado, unprecedented in social-networking sites in the world media, Arab, and local in Jordan when it emerged German Chancellor Merkel, a tearful cries over the Syrian child who drowned ..The mercy
we felt sad and also felt Merkel, but this sadness mixed with the scenery of the more pain, when we realized that Jordan, which has received millions of Palestinian refugees and Iraqis, Syrians and others did not focus on the spotlight, despite that it was the only country that maintains the life of refugees being hosted by the best reception and share with them loaf of bread and water
and appeared His Majesty King Abdullah and Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah two ladies deal with them and welcomes their humanitarian feelings such images sufficiently influential U.S. -led
what is really surprising that it has not been highlighted Even Jordanian media did not replete with this image, which reflect the humanitarian aspects of King made his country a shelter for those who have narrowed their ways and to those who had fled from the hell of death
has formed these huge numbers of refugees many burdens on the kingdom and King under pressure from his people because of high costs paid by Jordan’s economy as a result of that as well as the high levels of unemployment among Jordanians, where he became refugees of various nationalities vie with the Jordanian citizen to obtain jobs as well as residential apartments witnessed a rise in wages has changed radically life has become a dilemma Jordan the refugees add to this security burdens where must be measured from the plans to maintain the security and stability of the country and the internal security services Jordanian Armed Forces its duty to the fullest where did not succeed to organize     The State Islamic terrorist            terrorist to infiltrate to Jordan through the crowds of Syrian refugees who came to Jordan
that it appropriate to remind everyone that the Jordan deserves more than enough thanks to the U.S. -led patience and much hope that this image is enshrined in the minds of many people and to serve as a message for the international community, which is preoccupied with tears Merkel and highlights the