Jordan is Jordan and Palestine is Palestine



written by Dr. Sattam Al- Fayez

The Jordanian assembly, which supports the Hashemite regime, has continued with great concern and keen interest in reports of holding  a conference in occupied Jerusalem  adopt the idea of establishing an alternative homeland for the Palestinians in Jordan. The conference is due to take place on Tuesday. The conference is sponsored by Tild Bellman a prominent Zionist official with the participation of persons of Jordanian nationality and others.

We do not care about the people participating in this  conference , they do not have any value,  But  our concern the idea of ​​the conference,  and the timing of the conference. The silent  of  the Jordanian government ,  and the government did not issue any statement  until this moment, especially since we have  just  one day left separating  us  at the holding  of this conference,  although many Jordanian political figures and some parties and Deputies  talked about it before long time,  And called on the government to confront it and fight against such an idea , we mean the idea of ​​the alternative homeland, which looks from time to time,  with a clear and well known goal is to search for solutions to the Palestinian issue,  and at the expense of Jordan,  although we know the extent of cohesion of the Jordanian people,  and face  against any schemes such this kind , and we  are reminding  the need to be aware of and thwart any such plan. In term  Israel seeks to eliminate the Palestinian cause by exploiting any opportunity and any international circumstance to achieve its objectives. It is not enough for it to occupy the Palestinian lands,  neither  seeking to impose its hegemony and occupation  Jordan if it were able to do.

The idea of ​​an alternative homeland has appeared longtime ago and has  been adopted by the hardline Zionists and tried to attract many political figures and supporters of such an idea,  but it was not able to continue,  where it is faced with strong rejection by the Jordanian and Palestinian peoples. Jordan is Jordan and Palestine is Palestine.

Jordan sought  represented by  the Hashemite leadership to carry the Palestinian cause in international forums and resolve this issue in a fair and honorable manner that ensures the restoration of all the rights of the Palestinian people , in accordance with the resolutions of the UN Security Council  ,  in a manner that guarantees the establishment of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. The Jordanian people  in all their origins and their platforms support  the efforts of the Hashemite leadership..

We know that such dubious invitations are a storm in a cup. Such invitations will die in the bud,  because of the strength and stability of the political system in Jordan, because of the Jordanian people ‘s encircling the Hashemite leadership,  and the presence of great awareness among the citizens and the realization of the Zionist schemes and their attempt to establish Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates

We confirm  that Jordan will remain steadfast in its position towards its Palestinian brethren as a defender of their rights, as it has always been , until Israel withdraws from all occupied Palestinian territories ,  and implements the resolutions of international legitimacy.

And we say again to all the suspects Jordan is Jordan and Palestine is Palestine


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