Jordan says terror list to be out ‘at right time’



AMMAN – Jordan on Thursday said that details and information regarding a list of terrorist groups in Syria the Kingdom is compiling will be announced at the right time through the appropriate channel.

A government source told The Jordan Times that the announcement of the list will be made “after consulting with allies and friends”.

On November 15, international and regional participants in talks in Vienna on Syria tasked Jordan to coordinate efforts to compile a common list of terrorist groups in the war-torn country.

Russian state-run Sputnik media agency on Thursday said that Jordan has prepared a list of 160 organisation possibly tied to terrorist groups.

The agency, which cited a source at the Russian foreign ministry, said the list would be reviewed during the ministerial meeting on Syria on December 18 in New York.

Commenting on the news carried by the Russian media outlet, the government source in Amman, who requested anonymity, downplayed the importance of the news, saying that the figure mentioned in the statement must be exaggerated.

“Are there really 160 terror groups in Syria?” he asked.

In previous remarks to The Jordan Times, a government official said that Jordan would classify groups in Syria into several categories depending on whether they are considered terrorists, not terrorists, or subject to debate.

“One list will specify groups that are classified as terrorist by consensus; another will comprise the ones that are labelled as moderate and not