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New signing Neal Maupay is not involved tonight

Everton head to Elland Road for Round 5 of the Premier League, against  Leeds United.

New signing Neal Maupay is not involved in tonight’s squad where Davies and McNeil are restored with Frank Lampard finally dropping the back 5 and going with a 4-3-3 formation.

Everton kicked off in their lurid pink third strip, rather than wearing all blue against the all-white of Leeds. It was cagey at first, Leeds preferring a slow build until Paterson had to intervene. But they then gave the ball back to Leeds, and turnovers became the initial theme.  

Mykolenko tried to feed Davies who had stayed offside, while Leeds tried and failed to pass their way into the Everton penalty area, and their slow build-up resumed. Coady cut out a long ball but Everton could not keep it and Onana had to give up the first corner, headed clear. 

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Gordon got well hammered by Kristensen, as things got spicey, the Leeds player demanding a card as if he’d done nothing. All part of a strategy to rile Gordon? Everton finally had some decent possession until Pickford cleared long and Leeds came straight back, with a shot at Pickford.  

Everton were also slow and deliberate until Iwobi sensed a chance and slid in a brilliant ball for Gordon to score with almost an identical shot to his excellent goal at Brentford.

The euphoria was spoilt by a moment of sheer stupidity from Tom Davies, who decided to stick his foot up lamely at Meslier. How fucking stupid! Yellow card. Utterly idiotic from Davies. Rodrigo then almost stepped in as Pickford was ball-watching. Nonsense then ensued about goalkeeper time-wasting as Leeds and their fans struggled for a way back into this game. 

Kristensen next caught Gray, nothing from the referee. Pickford came out and brilliantly beat off Rodrigo, who went down, whinging about his shoulder, Leeds now blatantly wasting time over his treatment on the field until he went off, possibly with a dislocated shoulder. 

Coady again played that direct long ball, but it didn’t come off. Gordon brilliantly spun Krsitenssen but his reserve simply body-checked Gordon to stop him dribbling in their area. Agan, no Leeds card. From the free-kick, terrible attempts at shots by Mykolenko and Davies. 

It was getting fractious and scrappy now, Pickford almost making a fool of himself with a wild charge and flailing half-punch but he was rescued. But Leeds were being very well marshalled by Everton’s disciplined defence, organized by Coady and Tarkowski, who was next to get smacked by a Leeds player. They are a dirty lot.

Mykolenko got beaten well by Sinisterra but again the defence closed off the path in front of him.  More niggle on an Everoon free-kick, Adams encroaching, and finally a yellow card for Dirty Leeds.

Mykolenko made a poor mistake in not stopping a ball from going out of play when it had been passed to him by McNeil. That play led directly to a Leeds corner which needed more good work from Patterson and ended with a wild shot over from Koch,  

Gray and Gordon looked to fashion something but Gordon’s cross was terrible and allowed another Leeds attack to develop that was again very well defended.  Leeds continued to try and build but they just weren’t getting into the Everton penalty area.

However, they won another corner in added time, played deep, and again defended away to end a rather good half for Everton without too much by way of adventure going forward to build on Gordon’s excellent go-ahead goal.  

Leeds got the game underway again after the break, and found their way in fr a superb shot from Aronson that Pickford palmed behind for a corner. But Everton kept hat out, Gordon trying o break down he win. However, Leed came back, McNeil defending for another corner, whipped in and put behind by Patterson. The defending wa scrappy but effective, 

The Leeds pressure continued, Harrison shooting low at Pickford. Another warning. Everton trying o break, almost ooo fast, McNeil all on his own, But Leeds came back, Aronson crossing into Pickford’s arms with Geldhart claiming Tarkowski had impeded him. 

It was highly competitive stuff, with Leeds determined to equalize and Sinisterra did just that from nothing really,  

Leeds United: Meslier, Kristensen, Koch, Llorente, Struijk, Adams [Y:40′], Roca, Sinisterra, Aaronson, Harrison, Rodrigo (32′ Gelhardt). 

Subs: Forshaw, Bamford, Summerville, Klaesson, James, Drameh, Greenwood, Klich.

Everton:  Pickford, Patterson, Coady, Tarkowski, Mykolenko, Onana, Davies [Y:20′], Iwobi, Gordon, Gray, McNeil.

Subs: Begovic, Keane, Allan, Gomes, Coleman, Vinagre, Rondon, Mills, Welch.


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James Marshall

1 Posted
30/08/2022 at

Maupay not even in the squad – don’t tell me he’s injured already.

Michael Lynch

2 Posted
30/08/2022 at

Rumour that he wasn’t registered in time.

Sounds pretty Everton if true.

Danny Baily

3 Posted
30/08/2022 at

Where’s Maupay?

Fran Mitchell

4 Posted
30/08/2022 at

No Maupay is the big stand-out. Jesus!

But 4 at the back is a change.

But still no striker and the bench looks very uninspiring.

Gordon magic to put an extra £15M on his valuation is required

Ben King

5 Posted
30/08/2022 at

Where’s Maupay?

Why no strikers… again?!?!!!

We’re going down…

Michael Lynch

6 Posted
30/08/2022 at

It seems that Maupay needed to be registered by noon on Friday – the last working day before this match – to be eligible.

Fran Mitchell

7 Posted
30/08/2022 at

It appears due to yesterday being a Bank Holiday, Maupay was not actually registered until today.

That is just absurd.

Steve Shave

8 Posted
30/08/2022 at

I simply can’t fucking believe Everton did not get Maupay over the line for this game.

I was spitting feathers we’d left it too late for Brentford. This, if true is a new low for our board!!!!

Neil Lawson

9 Posted
30/08/2022 at

Why had no one identified this prior to now?

Ridiculous. Amateurish. It’s Everton!

Tony Everan

10 Posted
30/08/2022 at

Fuck Me! This is beyond a joke, No Maupay, not registered in time for the game??

Fifth match now with no striker. Hoping for the best tonight but the task has been made more difficult, this is costing us points unnecessarily.

“Frank Lampard has confirmed that, despite being registered on Friday afternoon, Neal Maupay misses out tonight due to Premier League requirements.”

Christy Ring

11 Posted
30/08/2022 at

Si, if we’re playing tomorrow, Maupay would be okay to play.

If that’s true, totally unfair.

Danny O’Neill

12 Posted
30/08/2022 at

Lampard not happy with not being able to register Maupay and having a right dig at the Premier League with their non-working day rules for registering players.

He said he’ll speak about it more after the match. Get the popcorn ready!

Robert Tressell

13 Posted
30/08/2022 at

Looks more robust in central midfield with 3 bodies – but a bit underwhelming up front.

Bizarre situation.

This really is extremely poor from the club.

Perhaps acceptable if they unveil something worth waiting for before the deadline – but really let the fans down if Maupay is it.

James Newcombe

14 Posted
30/08/2022 at

I agree Ben 5 – put the house on it. We just about managed part one (staying up), but have made a pigs ear of this window.

Kieran Kinsella

15 Posted
30/08/2022 at

In a similar vein, reports from France stating that Gueye is to undergo a medical at Everton 48 hours. Anyway else see a problem with that timeline? As for this one, Frank can complain but let’s be honest the club (Thelwell, Bill, whoever) should be up to speed on the rules and regulations. No point whining after the fact. Do you your jobs people.

David West

16 Posted
30/08/2022 at

Nice Ben if it wasn’t done it wast done
Get over it !!
I’m still optimistic if that’s a back 4. Not confident but optimistic.
Let’s have a go at them, shackles off front 3 if 3 in middle.

Tony Everan

17 Posted
30/08/2022 at

It’s just ridiculous, Premier League acting like it’s 1922. They can’t have a few people working on the Monday before a massive and busy week’s football, surely they knew the transfer window was ending this week?

Why not take their holidays when it’s quiet or there is a break. No wonder Frank is seething. There again, it’s up to us to know the rules inside out.

Kieran Kinsella

18 Posted
30/08/2022 at

Not Keane on that bench but I’ll stand by my prophecy. 0-5 to Everton.

Ian Riley

19 Posted
30/08/2022 at

Sunday league stuff!!

Jerome Shields

20 Posted
30/08/2022 at

A lot will be pleased four at the back and three in midfield. Frank must not fancy Keane in a back five. We should be grateful for small mercies. Hopefully the midfield will not be walk through.

The forward play should be more supported, but will need earlier substitutions in the second half for tactical changes. We can’t sit back to see the game out.

Colin Malone

21 Posted
30/08/2022 at

No leader in midfield. { Allan ]

Ive seen some poor players but great leaders on the pitch, Vinnie Jones, Robbie Savage. Allan is a great leader, also a great player. Ask Ancelotti.

Get a fucking grip Frank or is it Clement?

Mike Keating

22 Posted
30/08/2022 at

Were Lampard and the board not aware of these regs?

They may be stupid rules but what is worse is that our club signed an attacker at last only to discover that he can’t play – pathetic management yet again!

Craig Walker

23 Posted
30/08/2022 at

Watch Gordon get a bad injury so he’s out and we can’t play him or sell him. That’d be just Everton.

Matthew Williams

24 Posted
30/08/2022 at

Our board are simply not fit for purpose,at least we’re playing with a back four…as for tonight’s game,another draw coming.

David West

25 Posted
30/08/2022 at

Craig 23 just don’t play our best player then ?? Come on lad! Sometimes wish had the option to block some posters, so I don’t have to read their depressing shit !!!

Ray Roche

26 Posted
30/08/2022 at

So, Saturday, Sunday and BH Monday aren’t working days. WTF? Why are games being played then? Is that not work? All the people involved at every level must be volunteering.
And in the FA Headquarters, where it’s still 1953, someone’s put the kettle on. 🤦🏼‍♂️

Jay Harris

27 Posted
30/08/2022 at

Still expect a back 3 with Myolenko and Iwobi in as a wingback.
Davies and Onana holding Mf.

I can’t believe Mcneill should start before some of those subs if players have to justify their place. Personally I would have put Allan or WArrington into this game.

David West

28 Posted
30/08/2022 at

As for the Premier Leauge, it’s 2022, surely someone working from home could press a button on their iPhone to get players registered.

Yes we should know the rules, but the players play Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, Bank Holidays… what a joke!

Isn’t every day a working day for the Premier Leauge, we have matches everyday of the week with no exception.

Will Mabon

29 Posted
30/08/2022 at

It’s one thing buying cheap players. Then not being able to play them is another level altogether. Bank Holiday the obstacle, I guess they’d say – blame it on the boogie.

Not going to even try with a prediction; anything could happen tonight.

Andy Walker

30 Posted
30/08/2022 at

Davies. FFS. As long as he gets a game we ain’t good enough.

Raymond Fox

31 Posted
30/08/2022 at

If there was a championship for moaning fans, we would win hands down.

As for tonight, I’ll be suprised if we win, we are just a moderate team.
What do they call them… journeyman professionals.

I think a point will be a good result. That’s not moaning, by the way!

David West

32 Posted
30/08/2022 at

Will. some might blame it on the “good times ” 😉

Kieran Byrne

33 Posted
30/08/2022 at

Damn… thought our new striker would bag a brace tonight but might as well save it for the next game!!

Like the formation & line up, we’ve got the players to be flexible & not rigid in the 3-5-2.

We’re going to be quicker, faster… let’s start scoring some goals!

Also think that finally we’ve got a manager who knows that Keane is shite & should always be our 6th or 7th choice centre-back til he’s sold

I say we win 3-1 Gordon, Gray & Iowbi

Ciarán McGlone

34 Posted
30/08/2022 at

4 at the back… Alleluia!

Sean O’Hanlon

35 Posted
30/08/2022 at

Leeds 3 Everton 1 – with our joint top scorer, OG getting one for us!

Will Mabon

36 Posted
30/08/2022 at

David, of course…

Craig Walker

37 Posted
30/08/2022 at

David I wasn’t saying that. I’m saying it’d be typical of our luck.

Will Mabon

38 Posted
30/08/2022 at

Ciarán – hope it plays out that way.

Mike Dolan

39 Posted
30/08/2022 at

Maupay not registered because player registrations can’t happen because of holiday. How frigging amateur is that?

The powers that run this league need to be fired. They are incompetent, did they not notice that football is played on weekends and holidays?

Mind blowingly idiotic and Micky Mouse. I’m stunned.

Mick Roberts

40 Posted
30/08/2022 at

Sitting back again… fucking Lampard will never learn.

David West

41 Posted
30/08/2022 at

Anyone have a stream app or link ?

Rob Jones

42 Posted
30/08/2022 at

We’re doing well, and we’re playing four at the back.


You know what isn’t delightful?

The miserable folk on the forum. I honestly feel like they’d be happier if we lose, it would validate their ceaseless need to gripe.

George Cumiskey

43 Posted
30/08/2022 at

McNeil shocking !

Ciarán McGlone

44 Posted
30/08/2022 at

Far more composed and in control at the back… Patterson defending very well.

Think we could push up more but can’t argue with what we’re at. Midfield working hard and we’ll… replace Gordon with Gallagher? No thanks.

Frankly, I’d replace Tom… he’s very quiet – the daft yellow card no doubt playing its part.

Ernie Baywood

45 Posted
30/08/2022 at

Back 4, midfield 3 looks a lot better.

No lack of effort. And I quite like seeing us happy to be hated.

I’ve never seen a player turnaround in my life like Alex Iwobi. It never happens.

Craig Walker

46 Posted
30/08/2022 at

Decent half. I like the spirit. We need to do better in possession because we give the ball away too cheaply.

I would like to see Gray offer more up front. Cut out any stupid mistakes or fouls near our box and we can win this.

David West

47 Posted
30/08/2022 at

Got the game on.
We doing a good job, not giving them much. Bit of composure going forward and we could get a few here.
Still look a bit shaky at set peices, but I’d say it’s a 4141 when we don’t have the ball 433 with it
Onona is a beast 20 years of age

Dave Williams

48 Posted
30/08/2022 at

Rob #42 the forum is always the same and it’s best not to go there unless you want to hear how dreadful every one of our players is!
They are of course entitled to their opinions and to express them- it doesn’t suit everyone!!

Oliver Molloy

49 Posted
30/08/2022 at

Jesse Marsch is a 100% pretentious fucking prick. I will love it If we can go again and win this game.


Fran Mitchell

50 Posted
30/08/2022 at

a midfield 3 makes a big difference.

Davies a weak link. and McNeill really looks to be struggling, very ineffectual.

Onana looks a beast, and Patterson is impressive. Iwobi is an excellent player, and Gordon is growing in confidence and really looks to be stepping it up – excellent play and finish for the goal.

Would have liked to see what Warrington could have done in Davies position, at least for 15-20 minutes.

Onana may struggle to last the 90, he’s very impressive. Wonder who will replace him (please god not Gomes).

Really need a 2nd goal.

David West

51 Posted
30/08/2022 at

Craig 46. Agree it looks like they are pulling together, digging in when needed
Patterson and myko so much better at full back. .
Compared to last year the way this team running and battling is like chalk n cheese

Neil Tyrrell

52 Posted
30/08/2022 at

Does Jesse Marsch wake up livid, spend the whole day livid, then go to bed livid? His blood pressure must be off the charts. Guess he attended the Klipperty clown college of sideline demeanor.

Paul Smith

53 Posted
30/08/2022 at

We’ve played better this season and got nothing. Who was it on the left who let the ball go for a Leeds throw thinking it was ours ? Ffs I’m watching on a mobile phone 300 miles away and could see it came of our player. We need more possession.

Simon Dalzell

54 Posted
30/08/2022 at

David 41. A bit late. mygoaltv.org. or firstrowsports.eu

Rob Jones

55 Posted
30/08/2022 at

Dave, it’s just a negativity loop, feeding itself.

The club do make me angry, but I just cannot see the point in relentless mocking and attacking our own players. It doesn’t matter whether the players read it or not, I just don’t see how it’s productive for us as a fanbase when it was relentless support and positivity that raised us from the dead in the spring.

Nicolas Piñon

56 Posted
30/08/2022 at

vast mayority of goals appear from minute 80 onward
thats when I begin to get on my f nerves!!

George Cumiskey

57 Posted
30/08/2022 at

McNeil fucking shocking

George Cumiskey

58 Posted
30/08/2022 at

Get McNeil and Davies off !!!

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