Luxonis OAK-D Series 2 USB and PoE Cameras Integrate 3D Depth and AI for Robotic Applications

Luxonis OAK-D Series 2 is the second generation USB or PoE camera with 3D depth and built-in AI accelerator primarily used for computer vision in robotic applications.

We first wrote about Luxonis DepthAI module for Raspberry Pi based on Intel Myriad X AI accelerator in 2019, then found the module integrated in OpenCV AI Kit Lite, aka OAK-D Camera Lite. Second-generation OAK-D cameras replace the module with a Robotics Vision Core 2 (RVC2) “chip-down design” equipped with a Myriad X AI SoC and accelerator for up to 4 TOPS of processing power, including 1.4 TOPS for AI inference.

Luxonis OAK-D S2 AI Depth Camera
Luxonis OAK-D S2 USB Camera

Specifications and Features Luxonis OAK-D Series 2:

  • Robotics Vision Core 2 based on the Myriad X AI accelerator
    • 4 TOPS of processing power (1.4 TOPS for AI)
    • Video encoding – H.264, H.265, MJPEG@4Kp3, 1080p60
    • Computer Vision – Warp/Distort, Resize, Crop via ImageManip Node, Edge Detection, Feature Tracking, Custom CV Features
    • Run any AI model, even custom models
    • Stereo depth perception with filtering, post-processing, RGB depth alignment and high configurability
    • Object tracking – 2D and 3D tracking with ObjectTracker node
  • Cameras
    • 12MP (4032×3040) IMX378 sensor-based color camera with rolling shutter (two options)
      • Auto focus
        • Field of View (R/H/V) – 78°/66°/54°
        • Focus – 8cm – ∞
        • Lens size – 1/2.3 inch
      • Fixed focus with wide FoV lens
        • Field of View (R/H/V) – 81°/69°/55°
        • Focus – 50cm – ∞
        • Lens size – 1/2.3 inch
    • Stereo pair
      • OV9282 sensor
      • Global shutter
      • Field of View (R/H/V) – 89.5°/80°/55°
      • 1MP resolution (1280×800)
      • Focus – Fixed Focus: 7.6″ – ∞
      • Pixel size – 3µm x 3µm
      • Lens size – 1/4 inch
  • Pro models only – IR laser dot projector (active stereo) and IR LED illumination (for night vision)
  • Host interface and power supply (from each other)
    • 1 USB Type-C port up to 10 Gbps
    • M12 Gigabit Ethernet connector with PoE
  • Dimensions & weight
    • USB models – 97 x 29.5 x 23.1 mm, approximately 91 grams
    • PoE models – 111 x 40 x 31.3 mm, approximately 184 grams
  • IP Rating – IP67 for PoE models only
Luxonis OAK-D S2 PoE Deep AI Camera
Luxonis OAK-D S2 PoE

With the combination of the USB or PoE, Pro or non-Pro model, and the fixed-focus wide FoV option, we end up with eight different models, namely: OAK-D S2, OAK-D W, OAK-D Pro, OAK-D Pro W, OAK-D S2 PoE, OAK-D W PoE, OAK-D Pro PoE and OAK-D Pro W PoE.

Luxonis OAK-D series 2 cameras

The Luxonis OAK-D Series 2 camera works with the DepthAI SDK offering Python and C++ APIs, and includes demos for human pose estimation, road segmentation, people counting, and more. Full hardware and software details can be found on the documentation website. The DepthAI SDK is officially supported on Windows, Ubuntu, macOS, Raspberry Pi OS and Jetson Nano/Xavier platforms, but other operating systems are also supported with help from the community.

Luxonis OAK-D Series 2 DepthAI SDK Demos
People counting, pose estimation and route segmentation

The first-generation OAK-D cameras have been used in various projects, including newborn monitoring and smart agriculture to monitor plant health, detect pests, and more. using drones and four-wheeled robots.

Pre-orders are open and deliveries should begin at the end of the month. Pricing starts at $199 for the OAK-D S2 model and goes all the way up to $399 for the OAK-D Pro PoE variant. You will find them all on the Luxonis store.

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