Meeting the king is easier than meeting any official


Written by: Dr. Sattam Al-Fayez

I used to look at the citizen from time to time through this station to convey his suffering and  also the official used to   to hear from me words may not be desirable.

As the head of the Jordanian Rally in support of the Hashemite regime, I find it my duty to convey everything I hear from the citizens with all honesty,  be satisfied or anger of those who get angry, as they say,  and what I transfer  through these few lines revolves around every citizen in the hope of any official to pick this message and work for the benefit of Homeland  and citizen.


At this particular time,  the invitation of   any official become  extremely necessary  to get down  to the field to  check up  the conditions of the citizens,  with the large number of complaints and the huge  distance between the official and the citizen,  we  say any official , and this problem existed in Jordan since ancient times , as if checking up the  people and feel their pain and suffer  is undermining the position  of the official, despite  this is his duty which is not achieve it , in the result  any citizen has difficulty in solving his problems ,because those who are concerned close their ears and eyes and like them like an ostrich burying her head in the sand and in ancient times   was said the sun is not  covered with sieve.

Yes, problems and concerns  the  people is huge,  and difficult to enumerate and count ,  and accumulated these problems thanks to the complete absence of those  officials  at the reality of the citizen lives, but instead of that  the citizen hears statements that do not give rich  neither  do not feel hungry , and make fun of these statements in the depth of himself because he knows it is just promises


We are used to this situation, this saying cannot exaggerate that any official to go down to the field only when there is  a disaster

As the head of the Jordanian group supporting the Hashemite regime, I make visits  from time to time to most regions in the Kingdom, to the provinces, the valley, the countryside and the camps. I was not surprised by what people saying  and what the citizen repeat . I hear a lot of comments in this regard, to the extent that  some citizens mention the names of officials who came out of government, For a long time believing they were still at work.

The citizen is full of slogans, printing, applause and coding  , and the night  words of the  adorned with butter and promises of life ideal and better , promises  from  officials sitting in the office and watching the citizen from their offices and screens  , and the problem of such officials believe that their descent into the field is a defect and scratch their position,    in the opposite  the citizen is impossible to meet any official where he collides with the director of  his office refuses to set a appointment  for him. This is not strange. The official himself is the one who issues orders  and instructions to the director of his office and his secretary not to agree to set an appointment  for interviewing any citizen ,  even if a disaster occurs,  this official is not prepared to listen to any citizen and leave the department which work in , to run by any official or employee to exempt himself from performing his duties , and we do not know what prevents this official from going down the field and wandering among the citizens to know and check their condition

The citizen says that he has lost confidence in them and feels that the officials are beings from other planets do not know anything about Jordan and do not know anything about the citizen

To a citizen who does not want to hear statements from officials because these statements  which announced    do not have any connection to  reality,  these statements announced  just to   mislead and inspire the highest authorities in the  country  that the official is doing his job and the best he could.

The choice of any official is not subject to strict standards and usually the positions are reserved in advance from the officials or their children as a way of honoring them and honoring for what , we do not  know about the services they provided to their country, but what services they provided ?  rather  they looted and stole the treasury.


The citizen is not only tired but feels disgust and frustration and has no hope of improving the situation and the existence of real change and  every citizen says and heard this speech in terms for the citizen any officials has no dignity or value,   required  from the citizen just  execute  and   bear the mistakes committed by the official ,   the citizen who is paying the price , and the mistakes are huge ,  the most prominent the  decisions are hasty and hasty resulting from lack of proper planning  , and this is caused by the presence of officials are not qualified , non integrity and not honest

How long will people remain as they are?

What is required is the implementation of the royal directives, from which the king directs from time to time, the interest of the citizen is a priority for the king

This is what I have heard because of being the head of the pro-Hashemite Jordanian Gathering. I say this is what I am hearing  from the citizens which  I met. They confirm that the officials do not strictly implementing the Royal directives. It is rare for any official to visit their  areas, where they live, although these areas are full of problems that need solutions, and we do not need to expand on talking about the problems experienced by citizens

To say all this so that the official remains a stranger from his homeland and from the citizen,  so as not to become a citizen at the same time strange from his homeland is not belonging to him,

We want a citizen who loves his country and sacrifices for it, and we do not want a frustrated despairing citizen. There is still an area  for hope, and we hope that the official will pick up this message that we did not write while we sit  in our offices, but the outcome of tours and meetings with thousands of citizens.

To meet us and other messages



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