Modus VR offers Modus-as-a-Service to residential integrators

Modus VR launches Modus-as-a-Service to allow home technology integrators to access their virtual reality design software more conveniently on a project-by-project basis, from anywhere.

Without any hardware investment, integrators and teams can now use the Modus VR platform and specialists to conduct live meetings anywhere, anytime. The Modus VR team provides turnkey, real-time, immersive VR design work and will produce all accompanying project deliverables as requested by dealers and customers.

“The magic of our new Modus-as-a-Service offering is the ability of our integrators and their customers to focus on their creativity and problem solving while we do the design work alongside them in our powerful 3D environment,” Modus VR co-founder Ken Brueck explained. “This new option means integrators don’t have to invest in VR hardware to get all the benefits Modus VR is known for. They simply arrange hosted meetings with us whenever it works for them. Integrators can typically squeeze weeks of back and forth into one highly engaging session that gets that “yes!” immediately from customers. »

Modus-as-a-Service (MaaS) specialists will host or join meetings with customers via video conferencing software, such as Zoom. The Modus VR team designs the space to the satisfaction of all the actors present, responding to their ideas and collaboration, in the Modus environment. Participants discover the real-time ability to look at their entire space, make immediate, informed decisions, and arrive at the best solution for their project, while the Modus VR team does the design.

Integrators, customers and business partners are free to focus on aspects of their project such as the size of displays and golf simulators, placement of speakers and subwoofers, smart wall keypads and the placement of touch screens, furniture and other elements of the room.

Within minutes of the meeting, Modus VR can help integrators provide customers with other project deliverables, such as 360s (a web link to a full 360 degree view of the designed space), Modus Docs, and the space or room design, bill of materials and 3D renderings from any angle of the space.

“With Modus VR solutions and our new MaaS, gone are the days of endless meetings, outdated paper plans and waiting for weeks to complete residential layout designs,” Brueck said. “Generally, a live MaaS session will result in a much shorter sales cycle, faster alignment on complex projects, better technology solutions, and perhaps most importantly, more enthusiastic and happier customers.”

Modus-as-a-Service is now available. Interested integrators, consultants and partners can contact Modus VR at For live demonstrations of Modus VR and the new Modus-as-a-Service, visit the company at CEDIA 2022 in Dallas September 29-October 1, 2022 at booth 10027.

The company will soon announce an exclusive giveaway at CEDIA, where up to $10,000 of the company’s new Modus-as-a-Service will be awarded during the show to integrators or consultants. Interested people can stop by the booth for more details and instantly enter to win.

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