Opening a branch office of the Jordanian Gathering committee in Alazraq



The head of the Jordanian gathering committee supporting  the Hashemite regime, Dr. Sattam Al-Fayez, opened yesterday  a new branch in Alazraq  of the Jordanian Gathering  committee in support of the Hashemite regime . The meeting was attended by a number of dignitaries and civilian  including Faisal Al-Awar and the Mayor of Azraq.   And  Sheikh Sarhan Atashan Al-Enezi was named Director of the gathering committee  branch in Al-Azraq  which is  respected in the region. On this occasion, Dr. Sattam Al-Fayez, deputy Faisal Al-Awar and the Mayor of Al-Azraq stressed the importance of wrapping up all around the wise Hashemite leadership.    MP Faisal Al-Awar expressed support for all Jordanian citizens for the gathering committee and  supporting the Hashemite regime.
The Mayor expressed his support for the Jordanian supporters of the Hashemite regime, saying that the Jordanian gathering committee is an umbrella for all the love of the homeland and the King and promotes loyalty, affiliation and working with one hand to achieve our goals.
The opening ceremony was attended by all the Alazraq clans


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