People are screaming


written by Dr. Sattam Al-Fayez

Is it required  from  6 million citizens to die in order to live in the welfare of a certain class of society  , enjoying the wealth of the homeland, the class of corrupt .. Have we reached this stage, which is similar to the era of slavery, but it is the  slavery,  now  it is required from  the people to sacrifice all their  dreams,  and in return  of that get a life the same of beggars life, in the contrary the life of the beggars is better than their  life, where the citizen turned into a taxpayer and field trials of the worst laws in the world , those laws that surprised him from time to time and the disaster that these laws have direct contact with his life and daily life, he is the one who pays, and he is the one whose  suffering  and who sacrifices all his dreams ,allowed to him just to get his dream , often he will not get it.

He  get just  his day’s energy to survive ,a dream to  get a job and not find all of that,  instead of  rush the officials to help him to  overcome his crisis and get rid of it, in the contrary he hear from them  just  the assurances and promises of improved conditions

I hear every day and every moment of such talk , because I work among the  people and mingled with them continuously ,  because I am the head of the Jordanian gathering supporting the Hashemite regime and the president of the Free Media Group , and thanks to GOD  I  have established very broad relations with the Jordanian people ,  in the villages and in the camps, and every part in the homeland, and in every provinces of the kingdom

I was surprised  the talk of the councils is the difficulty of life and the loss of the citizen the  confidence in the  officials because of the huge promises they heard from them , and because these officials do not communicate with citizens,  and not to visit them in the areas where they live ,  and despite the failure of the official and not doing  his duty , even of that he  closes the doors of his office in the faces of the reviewers as , in a result accumulate problems and so people live in this cycle from very long time..

Yes, I was surprised by the talk of people and their fear of the future and from the unknown,  I was surprised by the fear of the citizens of their children and their loss, especially with the increase in the crime rate in the Jordanian society,  that this community was not  like this  at a certain stage , when the  life was simple and when everything is available to people but today changed for the worse and with the change happened ,  has changed  the values ​​and changed the morals of people and we lost many of the properties,  that characterized us from many societies


We lost contact with each other,  lost the meanings of mercy and affection , and this is the result of what the officials cause  in Jordan of crimes against the nation , resulting from corruption and culture of looting and absence of  justice , and the control of an aristocratic class in the society , where this layer enjoyed the  wealth of the homeland   without any right  and did not find any one hold responsible at what  crimes they did , but in the contrary  we see such officials appear  honesty and virtue and they are so far  at the meanings of honesty and virtue

Where are people going  , and what is the last stop they will reach, but is this the last stop and if this is the last stop, what is next? ???

The prisons are full and the drugs are spread among the young people. This group of people, the young people, who were the governments  address them and say that they are the future. If young people are the future, where did this future go? Many of them would not have been in the way of loss, unless they turned around, where they saw their dreams crashing against sad  reality

I do not speak in a vacuum and I do not write all of that while  I am sitting  on my desk, but the statement is the result of what I heard from the citizen of every citizen of every young man of all people, the situation has become intolerable



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