PM warns a second attack ‘may be imminent’ and raises terror threat to highest level after ISIS claimed jihadi cell planted the crude Tube bomb which could have killed dozens on the Tube



  • Soldiers will replace police at key locations out of public view so more armed officers can go onto streets
  • Scotland Yard has identified the suspect behind the rush hour bomb on District Line train at Parsons Green
  • Failure of the device to detonate properly avoided a massive blast that would have claimed dozens of lives
  • Manhunt underway for bomber amid fears he may have left other devices and could be armed with knives 
  • Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the west London attack saying its ‘soldiers’ had ‘planted IEDs’ 
  • Were you on the train, witness the bombing or know one of the injured?


Armed police have flooded London’s streets as the terror threat level was raised to critical amid fears the Parsons Green bomber could strike again.

The introduction of Operation Temperer will see soldiers replacing police at key sites including nuclear power plants to free up extra armed officers for regular patrols.

Scotland Yard said last night it is making ‘excellent’ progress in hunting the suspected terrorist who set off a crude bucket bomb on a packed commuter train by Parsons Green tube station in west London on Friday.

Had it worked as intended, a massive blast of fire would have killed dozens on the new, open-plan style train which – at 8.20am yesterday – was close to its capacity of nearly 1,000 people.

Mrs May said in a statement from Number 10: ‘The Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre has now decided to raise the threat level from severe to critical – this means their assessment is that a further attack may be imminent.’

Minutes later Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley suggested there might have been more than one person involved, stating that police were ‘chasing down suspects’.

Police identified, but did not name, the suspected terrorist using CCTV footage. However, last night the investigation was overshadowed by an extraordinary diplomatic row triggered by Donald Trump

The US President tweeted just hours after the rush hour blast that police had the attacker ‘in their sights’ and should have been ‘more proactive’ in catching ‘the loser’.

Scotland Yard hit back and said Mr Trump’s comments were ‘pure speculation’ while senior officers refused to name the suspect.

The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attack last night, saying its ‘soldiers’ had ‘planted IEDs’, while Parsons Green Underground station reopened for service on Saturday morning.



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