Poverty is the most dangerous eliminator of people



written by Dr. Sattam Al-Fayez

I return back  to you again to overlook you and to write again, not for ones but  in many cases and events many times again and again, write  about the stress that occupies every citizen, whose main cause became the  poverty, where I did not find by virtue of my position as the head of the Jordanian pro- Hashemite regime and in my constant presence with people I did not find just only this case and every discussion  include  the daily suffering , and every human being  in this country is very confused and feeling worry  about what the future hide..

And increased the volume of this anxiety  the officials  talk which does not give any comfort or pleasure , and what the people is waiting  in the coming days,

Despite of that  the citizen wondering  whether there is worse than the current  situation, we have reached a level that we do  not envy at  it, Is there more disaster than the inability of many citizens to provide food for their children   ,   and is there  more disaster  that the citizen does not  have the price of gallon gas  and whether is  there  more difficult  than the inability of many people to get a medical treatment and the price of medicine, although this is their right and  it is the basic of the officials duty.

People talk about corruption and officials who roam and roam and do not find any one to stop them as if this country is a private property for them ,  they act as they want and looting the rights of the citizen , who does not have anybody  support or protect him ,  and no  one of these officials opens the door to  the citizens to listen to them and know the fact of their suffering, but most of these officials do not know Jordan and It is seldom someone of officials   check the  citizens  conditions and know their requirements  as if any official were coming from another planet

In advanced I have warned the officials in all my previous articles about the seriousness of the situation, indicating that poverty is the most serious danger , and it is deadly  effect  people  more than  the wars themselves, the citizen who has difficulty in providing food for his children is ready to commit any crime

and the young man who does not find a job vacancy will not hesitate to commit any crime too, and ever thing we warned about has occurred, the prisons is completely full of criminals, and the drugs expanded, and all kinds of crimes expanded too.

This is the result and  a natural occurrence of the main problem which is poverty. Such  a  problem leads to the occurrence of all forms of crimes, and leads to the loss of the citizen’s confidence in the officials  , and the removal of the affiliation from  the souls , and spread culture of the hatred and hostility  ,  and lack of belonging to the homeland,  and lead to a sense of the citizen as a stranger in his own homeland and the feeling that he is not among the priorities of officials, and  he is not within

their interests … all of  this has brought us to a dead line and closed way which is there is no solution ..

People wondering  about what  the future hide , where they are going and what is the end, since all indicators refer to  a disaster will happen and we do not know the consequences and there is not even a glimmer of hope or anything that refer a change of conditions

I found that by my connection with  the citizens on a daily basis, I address  this message on a basis that said that remind if reminding  give use


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