Qais Awad Tawfiq al-Zayyud an ambassador of peace for IAQ




IAO chose  businessman and well known activist  Qais Awad Tawfiq al-Zayyud to be an ambassador of peace, due to the required  qualification and experiences  he indicate, although he is  well-known businessmen with relations and wide social  connections .

It is well known that this international organization appoints ambassadors belong to her all over the world ,  according to certain criteria and conditions,  and from persons with indicating  many qualifications .   Noting that  The Ambassador Qais Awad Tawfiq al-Ziyud is from  the generation of young people  , which has the ability to give and carry out his new mission as ambassador

Ziyad expressed his pride in the organization’s confidence  in him , and his selection for this position


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