Security and protection companies demand the Minister of the Interior to eliminate the phenomenon of the criminals and thugs



Security and protection companies demand the Minister of the Interior to eliminate the phenomenon of the criminals and thugs

Security and protection companies address a letter to Interior Minister Akef al-Zu’bi asking him to intervene to protect them and maintain its permanence   in the market, in order to avoid segmentation off the livelihood of its employees

The letter  that  addressed by a large number of owners and managers of security and protection companies included complain describing   the control of the thugs and the criminals at companies, institutions, shops and a lot of enterprises , and employing them by  these  institutions to provide them with protection due to  they afraid of them because they threat them ,  and such an order led to a mess in this sector


Where they had a negative and dangerous effects on the  licensed security and protection companies , according to the law, where these companies paid the required guarantees to the official bodies  , and they appoint employees with no defect , and a clean  record , and they do not have any criminal  record ,  and  therefore they have a qualification  to deal with citizens in an intelligent method  , despite the selection of these employees according to certain criteria in advanced good Biography and Behavior

In the letter addressed to the Minister of Interior the security and protection companies  point to the exists mess  , because of the presence of a large number of thieves and thugs in many companies in a way that they contradiction to the law, but in a way that threatens and lead such many of those thugs to commit  crimes, especially for Arab and non-Arab visitors to Jordan , from robberies  and other Crimes which harm  the reputation of Jordan and tourism, which is an important resource for the state

The owners of the companies mentioned   that the situation has reached  that level that  many institutions to assign the task of contracting with artists who visit Jordan to criminals and thugs to provide security for these artists , while ignoring the licensed  security and protection companies , in spite of that these companies more effective to this mission ,  and know every employee working with them and keep all information about him ,  while  God  not allowed if anything happened that would offend this artist ,   noted that such an order did not happen and did not record any case similar  against the security and protection companies

The security and protection companies demanded intervention and the exercise of the Ministry of the Interior for its role and rehabilitation of the licensed companies because it gets a lot of abuse by the people working in many institutions and such abuses reached an extent that cannot be ignoring . addressing that the security and protection companies also hire  thousands of employees that caring for their families , and the continuity of such a situation which  threat to close these companies that have chosen to act according to the law



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