Security and safety is not a “policeman” guarding the country or a security man who arrests a terrorist



written by Dr. Sattam Al- Fayez


It was not my desire  to address this subject ,  but it is my duty to deliver this letter  to His Majesty King Abdullah II personally ,  because I am tired and  the citizen is tired of addressing the governments and officials in Jordan , who act as if they are coming from another planet. They also do not know the daily suffering of the citizen and the amount of pain he feels. When he Sees his life  his future and the future of his children collapse in front of  him and collapse all his dreams and lose the most important element  in his life is safety and security

The psychology  security concept is not the concept of security and safety that officials speak about  day and night ,  as if the concept of security is a policeman guarding the citizen or a security man who arrests a terrorist  who threatens the homeland ,  while  he is forgetting the   real enemy  for the citizen ,  the real enemy  of the citizen  is poverty , it is the inability of the citizen to provide food and bread to his children  and feeling worry for their future

Those of us who do not like Jordan , I am sure that everyone loves Jordan and  do not accept  Jordan  to be harmed,  but when the citizen is forced into difficult circumstances  , and forced to take a choice between his homeland, his family, his future and his life,  suddenly he chooses his family.

Why these statements and slogans , as the citizen has lost the sense of security and safety for a long time ago,  has lost confidence in all officials  , and every young person even  before the adults  in the Jordan knows that what he is  hearing  it is  just an anesthetic needles, the most  important to pass all the  decisions and policies that destroy the lives of people ,  and turn their lives upside down .  This is what officials in Jordan concern, and who  is paying the price it is  the citizen ,  who spends most of his time thinking in a way to secure the future of his children and provide the requirements for a decent living for them and takes this thinking most of his time

Personally I am the author of these lines. I spend most of my time among people. I listen to them and sharing  with them all their speeches ,  Life in Jordan has become so  difficult and tragic, and although people live in this difficult and tragic life, they do not see from the officials  any sign return for them optimism in the future. instead of that  what they see and hear from officials  increase their feeling of confusion and  fear, fear from  of the next and the unknown , especially after the many talks in these days about a new  massacre  a  massacre of  raising prices and the massacre of expensive and taxes ,  where the citizen turns as he listens to all that turns around himself  and in front of him and behind him  so he do find nothing to support him facing this coming massacre  or protect  his children .

It is further increasing his feeling collapsing  that officials who give advice  and exhortations to people they live a luxurious life, lacking nothing, rather of that they  issuing decisions which  they think it is  the best solution. Strangely, this solution is always at the expense of the citizen

Yes, I address  this letter to the king personally. This message includes field observations and through my continuous rounds among  people. The situation has reached a dangerous level. I say this because I am afraid for Jordan, the hunger is infidel, as they say, and the citizen  does not have the price of a loaf of bread is willing to do anything to get it ,   ready go out to the street and announce his rejection and protest, but we are afraid that his exit to the street brings damage to his country and this is what we do not want it,  and hope it will not happen ,  and God forbid if the citizens come out, we lose what they call security and safety

Security and safety that people live in dignity and do not feel fear and anxiety

Security and safety is  employment of the unemployed  workers and finding vacancies   for them ,  I say this, where I  attend  a Jordanian official who said several days ago that the unemployment levels reached a serious dangerous  percentage and that this percentage is witnessing a noticeable increase.

I say all this, as I saw  The National Human Rights Report, which was received  by His Majesty the King personally, received a copy a few days ago. It included information indicating that the number of inmates in prisons was 31,000 last year ,  and that the prisons have now lost the ability to absorb more citizens.

Of course, such figures are alarming and feel anxiety,  and call on the  officials to seriously consider the dimensions of this problem if we know that inmates or prisoners are not all criminals. These are citizens who have entered prisons under certain circumstances. These and others have left their children and families vulnerable to hunger and deprivation.

In these circumstances we need to review all policies and decisions that have brought the country to a standstill that has brought people to the real collapse

The talk of people and the talk of the street  about the high prices and poverty and the massacre of prices for unemployment

After that, we send this letter to His Majesty King Abdullah II to intervene



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