Taliban denies responsibility for killing 14 Afghans



Arabspring: The Taliban denied responsibility for killing at least 14 people were among the 32 people traveling in two minibuses in central Afghanistan on Thursday evening.

The Afghan officials said on Friday that the gunmen intercepted the buses and after that checked the identity cards of the passengers were dismissed 14 of the 32 other passengers and shot them dead.
A Taliban spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, in a text message: “Islamic Emirate strongly condemns the killing and will try to find the culprits and punish them.”
Among the dead were three women and a child, at least three years old.
Local officials said the remote mountain region Gore said most of the passengers from the Hazara Shiite minority, but could not verify it independently.
Friend accused Siddiqui, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry said on Friday the Taliban for the attack, saying it aims “to spread terror in the hearts of the people.”

Translation: Nebras Aldasouqi


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