The citizen is a mine of gold



written by Eng. Jihan Alghazawi

The words of the Jordanian Prime Minister, which came as a shock to the Jordanian people, who received it as a bomb exploded to vaporize moments of silence , which occupied  the thoughts   of the citizen to forget the bomb of raising the support for a main component in his life is the  bread

In the time of His Majesty the late King Hussein, his famous saying was the most precious thing we have  is the human being

At present, we witness a radical changes in various social, economic and even cultural fields (where we have reached a low level in the educational process) and the consequent changes in values, principles, standard of living, and income level of citizens and the impact which has left on the citizen

Jordan is a country based on assistance  and international aid, despite the great natural wealth  Jordan owned , but the political interests of the countries of the region imposed a siege on Jordan and affected greatly the economy of Jordan and harmed the Jordanian citizen who followed successive governments with him the policy of starvation and dragged behind a living until it became his own   concern

Despite the existence of high-level competencies in Jordan in all layer of society, as proved by Jordanians and outside Jordan in several countries’ while at the domestic level most of the people suffer, suffering from lack of income and unequal opportunities, suffering from not finding suitable opportunities for their qualifications and ambition

The majority of society is looking for a suitable job opportunity to achieve moral ambition and material stability

In contrast, the government is exploiting the citizen instead of exploiting the wealth of the land, where taxes are imposed and prices are raised while the per capita income remains constant. The government made a big gap inside every Jordanian person where the citizen suffers from physical and psychological poverty

The citizen is thinking of emigration, asylum, robbery and looting, values and morals have been lost in the society, and the poor man is punished for his mistakes or errors, and they leave the official who loots, steals and is not held accountable. I do not say that corruption exists only in Jordan but exists in all countries

The difference is in Jordan the corrupt people they becomes officials, holding responsible positions

The prime minister comes to blow up the heavy caliber of the citizen a gold mine, to burst with the feeling of frustration and despair within the Jordanian citizen, who demonstrated allegiance and affiliation  and loyalty to his homeland and

the homeland betrayed him


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