The citizen is living a big lie



Written by Dr. Sattam Al-Fayez


The Jordanian people are living in a shadow of a big lie, and they wake up eventually to find the size of this lie. Wake up so late , after they lost everything , lost the future , lost all their legal rights in decent living , this nation reached to that level that he could not spend money on his family , and give them good and safe life, on the contrary the wrong policies which the  defective officials imposed changed him to a beggar, standing at the miser  doors asking for a beat of living , asking for cure to his children, in spite of that it is a legal right for him, it is not a gift from these officials.

The Jordanian people see the corruption and cannot do nothing, because it is a fact reality must accept it, and live in insult and  humiliation, and it is a reality must accept it , as he sees the unfair and the absence of justice , and the raping  of his children rights to get a job from those who are  stronger than him , because these the strongest people they looting  the jobs, and it  becomes exclusive right for them and for their families, as if they above the humans, from another jar, not the jar of people, although as the local saying that they are 9 months babies and the simple Jordanian citizen is 7th

People , officials who are drawing wrong policies , while they are sitting in their offices , we say to them the world is changed around us even around you , but you still insist to proceed the same old methods, you proceeded it because you did not find anybody  stopped  you and prevent you to unfairness people, you and whose putting his hands in yours are ally in criminals , ally in sedition which the homeland is suffering from, ally in every suffer  that the Jordanian citizen  is suffering from , we do not need to tell you that the Jordanian citizen is suffering from these problems:

Poverty , unemployment , criminal in all sorts, one of these cases the increasing of suicide, drugs , corruption and about this matter we need a large books to write and speak about  it .

I wished that I did not ever hear such a speech from Jordanian citizens which I set with them continuously, I wished that I have a chance to set at least with one Jordanian citizen which speak about hope, and his optimism , everybody have a bad feelings of pessimism, depression and hopeless , everybody is afraid from future, and wondering after what happened and after what they saw from crisis and problems , wondering what is waiting for us tomorrow , especially that the officials speaking about the dept. and taxes and increasing the prices of ever thing, all goods which the people needs , in fact the citizen do not own anything to buy with, they have just a little amount to live daily, the family who have the price for lunch meal do not have the price for dinner meal .

price for lunch meal do not have the price for dinner meal .

What did you do for citizen, why you still in your positions in spite of all these crimes which you commit daily in the right of the citizen,

Where is the citizen can go, where he will escape his children, what he will do to face this difficult life

Either after

This is the simple Jordanian citizen  message to every official do not scare from GOD.


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