The confusion. In the taking of decisions …; driving for investment


صورة معلم
d. Stam Al Fayez governor –
across many of the cafes and shops to shop expressed surprise and disappointment about the decision of the Ministry of Tourism, which includes a decision to the progress of the owners of these stores for new licenses from the ministry at the beginning of next year
strange in the resolution that the decision of getting new licenses includes shops, which got licenses to pursue this profession since a long period of Amman secretariat,
this, I mean, from the point of view of the affected by this resolution that Amman secretariat on the one hand is not empowered to issue the licenses as if it is not part of the institutions of the State, which means that he had issued new decisions to withdraw the licenses of many of the institutions and to consider all the license issued by the secretariat of the Great Amman to be void and recognized and that the only party authorized to exercise such a role is The Ministry of Tourism and
devoted to this issue deep indications to many investors, the most important of which is the lack of harmony and cooperation and coordination between the official circles, especially when making decisions of this kind or any other decision
this means in another way loss of confidence in State institutions and leaving the fears of every investor that its investments are not immune and not in the right place are prone to go with the wind and the decision of the unstudied
results are very dangerous and we lose in the near term a lot of investment we are not the only country in the region of the Middle East where there are many States that have entered into in the feverish race to attract investments after the many incentives to investors
much trouble and His Majesty King Abdullah II a lot of efforts to attract investors
but there are seeks to undermine the efforts of ownership In a manner intended or unintended..Don’t Know
regardless of all that there is a serious imbalance should be addressed quickly before a disaster before it loses Jordan many
non-investor the meaning of the existence of conflicts between the official circles and meaning to the powers of the official or governmental department of the circle of other non-governmental organizations