The head of the Jordanian Gathering in support the Hashemite Regime invited the vice Deputy of American ambassador and the officials and dignitaries of the Jordanian Assembly for a dinner in Alyban



Head of the Jordanian Gathering in support of the Hashemite regime, Dr. Sattam Al – Fayez 1/10/2017, invite for dinner  the Deputy American Ambassador in the presence of a large number of members of the assembly and office managers and a large crowd of dignitaries, dignitaries and tribal sheikhs in the context of continuous communication the head of the assembly with the diplomatic bodies and missions and embassies in Jordan and civil society Institutions ..

Mr. Sattam  Al-Fayez and the American  Deputy  also exchanged views on many local and regional  issues.

The US Vice Deputy expressed his great admiration for the Jordanian gathering in support  of the Hashemite regime, pointing out that the US Embassy is interested in it and monitors all its activities, activities and meetings. He expressed his belief that this assembly  will have a great political future in Jordan due to its national role.

To this,  the President of the Jordanian Rally pro-Hashemite Dr. Sattam  Al Fayez, thanks  the Vice-Ambassador of the United States, to except  the invitation and his meeting with the directors of the branches and offices of the Jordanian Gathering and gave a detailed explanation of the gathering and the steps and steps that he has taken since its establishment   until this moment,  indicating  wrap  thousands of citizens around its principles and ideas and their constant encouragement to continue to achieve its objectives of maintaining security and stability Jordan and spread the spirit of affiliation to the homeland and the wise  Hashemite leadership.

From  his part, praised the US ambassador deputy  the goals sought by the gathering and said that the US Embassy is strongly careful  for  the stability of Jordan and monitor any movement and initiative to strengthen such a matter , and through  following  what the Jordanian group supporting the Hashemite regime  do , believes that such a thing is a great national service contribute to establishing the foundations of stability and the citizen wrap  behind his Hashemite leadership, which is  focus  the attention of the United States of America ,  The stability of the Hashemite system is a stability of security in Jordan and the Arab region in general.

The American Deputy stressed that the Hashemite regime is one of the strongest regimes in the Middle East, and enjoys  legitimacy and popular acceptance.

He added that the Embassy continues to monitor such popular initiatives, especially in such adverse circumstances as in  Jordan.

From  his part, Dr. Al-Fayez said that the Jordanian Gathering in support of the Hashemite regime is a popular civil society that has succeeded in attracting thousands of Jordanians due  to the ideas and principles that underpin it, in terms that the assembly form a  branch of the state

It was founded by a popular initiative and became known to every Jordanian citizen in various places of his presence.

Turning to the Deputy US Ambassador to the role played by Jordan in achieving stability in the Middle East, praising also the stability  the situation of the Kingdom despite the political unrest in the Arab region.

He also expressed his pride in the level reached by the Jordanian-American relations, stressing that they are historical relations based on mutual respect and common interests between the two sides. Beside the trade exchange between the two countries is witnessing rapid growth, which applies to military cooperation and coordination, which reflects positively on the stability of the region, and fighting  terrorism,  Jordan is one of the countries that play an important role in this regard, and this country has been a victim of terrorist attacks because of its positions.

He expressed America’s support for Jordan, as the United States is keen on the stability of Jordan and provided him with a lot of support and still in order to be able to do his duties well.

He added that the United States of America knows the size of economic pressures and the difficult conditions of Jordanian citizens.

From  his part, President of the Jordanian Rally in support of the Hashemite regime, Dr. Sattam Al- Fayez thanked the Deputy US Ambassador for responding to the invitation, reviewing the level reached by the Jordanian-American relations and the various aspects of cooperation between the two countries and thanked the United States of America for its continued support and interest in Jordan.


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