The king orders a plane to evacuate Jordanians from the Caribbean island of San Martin

Free News –

On Monday, Jordanian King Abdullah II ordered a Jordanian plane to evacuate 96 Jordanian citizens from the island of San Martin in the Caribbean and return them to the country after the island was recently devastated by Hurricane Irma.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs, according to the ministry’s ambassador, the director of the Operations Center unit, Bashir Al-Rawashdeh, has been in constant contact with the Jordanian citizens on the island to check on their safety through direct contact with them and coordination and continuous follow-up with the French and Dutch authorities.
The plane went to San Martin Island after obtaining the necessary permits from the authorities concerned to cross the skies and land on the island.
Hurricane Erma, which caused heavy losses in the areas it has ravaged, caused the destruction of 95% of the French part of the island of San Martin, which is divided into two parts, the northern part of the French Republic, and the southern part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.


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